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Wiley's Finest

Wiley’s Finest helps people live a better life through improved health. Not only are they the leading brand in low TOTOX (Total Oxidation) fish oils, they also have more MSC certified products than any other supplement brand worldwide!
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What does Wiley's produce?


They make expertly crafted wild Alaskan fish oils and other fine supplements, which help people live a better life through improved health. 


What makes Wiley's Finest stand out?


They are experts in manufacturing dietary supplement ingredients for over twenty-five years. Their fish oils not only feature high concentrations of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) with science driven formulas, but are also traceable and American-made. They are sourced from sustainable, American wild caught fish, caught by US registered vessels in US waters. Their fisheries management system is regulated to protect the environment so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of Alaska fish. They have also recently added some innovative offerings for the Plant Focused shopper, in the form of vegan friendly 'Bold Heart' and 'Catch Free Omega'.


How did Wiley’s Finest begin?


It was the result of three generations and three decades of hard work. While the brand was only established in 2012, and is therefore considered relatively new to many, its family’s roots go deep in manufacturing and distillation of high purity ingredients. Brothers Sam & Daniel Wiley worked for years to sell AlaskOmega to leading natural health food brands. It was their family’s brand of Fish Oil bulk ingredient. However, while many companies recognised the quality of their work, nobody would commit to their unique, Alaskan-caught, American-made, and MSC certified sustainable seafood produce. They were often told it wasn’t unique enough and customers wouldn’t value the product. One year later the brothers decided to launch their own brand, and so Wiley's Finest was born! Sam & Daniel remain proud that their family has been manufacturing since 1981, with over forty years of excellence in fine distillation.


Who are Wiley's target consumers?


These are people who demand a product to not only feature a high concentration of EPA & DHA or science driven formulas, but be traceable, sustainable, and American-made. Wiley’s recognises that a new generation of fish oil users has emerged; one that sees fish oil not just as a generic ‘Omega-3’ supplement, but as seafood. This is why they are now the preferred choice by many of the America’s leading independent health food stores.