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Understanding our discounts

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Our discounts vary from time to time depending on stock levels, and prices charged by our suppliers.

These can be a combination of:

  • Coupons: where you use a coupon code at checkout to get your discount
  • Automatic discounts: where you don't need a code and the discounts happen automatically when you put goods in your basket
  • Strikeouts: where you see "our price" on the product page, which is lower than the list price, which has been struck through.

Where products have a strike out lower price, this is the total discount for the product. You will not receive a further automatic discount by using a coupon code and there will be not further reduction from automatic discounts.

If you have a "new customer" discount code, do not use it if a product has a strike out of greater value as it will not qualify. You can always use it next time you order. 

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