New Products
Viridian Ester-C 550mg Veg Caps

Viridian Ester-C 550mg Veg CapsFrom:  £6.75

Highly effective, highly absorbable patented form of vitamin C

Viridian High Potency Pycnogenol 50mg Veg Caps (30)

Viridian High Potency Pycnogenol 50mg Veg Caps (30)£23.80

A patented extract of maritime pine bark.

Viridian L-Carnitine 500mg Veg Caps

Viridian L-Carnitine 500mg Veg CapsFrom:  £20.60

Vegan presentation of this popular amino acid.

Viridian L-Glutamine Powder (100g)

Viridian L-Glutamine Powder (100g)£15.00

Popular amino acid. Simply add to water or juice.

Viridian L-Lysine 500mg Veg Caps

Viridian L-Lysine 500mg Veg CapsFrom:  £6.80

L-Lysine, vegan source amino acid.

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