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The discounted prices shown for the products below are excluded from automatic discounts but these "Special Offer" discounts will always be higher. 

We regularly try to estimate which products our customers want. By doing this we can minimise what we order so that all our stock is fresh and well within date. However, inevitably we cannot get this perfect so we try to ensure stock is always fresh by offering products where we have over stocked, at reduced prices, as soon as we can.  

  • We have very few of any of the products so If you find that there is no buy button it means we have run out and are re-ordering.
  • New stock will be at the normal recommended price and listed within the appropriate brand.
  • Please also note that if you order more than we have in stock, your basket will only reflect what we actually have available.
  • You can use the "find products instantly" search facility near the top right of every page. These will be subject to our standard discounts, which you will see on the product page.