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Solgar Whey To Go

Solgar Whey To Go

Solgar's Whey to Go Protein Powder is a highly efficient, scientifically advanced protein enhancement product. It is formulated with a blend of three, uniquely processed whey protein concentrates. Each process: ion-exchange, micro-filtration and hydrolyzation adds to Whey To Go Protein Powder's amino acid availability, absorption and protein utilization.

Code:  S3667
Brand:  Solgar
FORM (e.g. capsules):  Powder

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Solgar are one of the world's most highly regard brand of vitamins. minerals and other supplements. The Approved Etailer Scheme (SAE) helps to ensure you are buying genuine Solgar products. is an SAE. Why this is important.

Solgar Whey To Go Protein Powder

 Amino acid nutritional supplement



A scientifically advanced formulation with ion-exchanged, micro-filtered and hydrolysed whey protein powder, free-form l-glutamine and free-form branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)





Nutritional Supplement Features:

  • Helps build lean body mass

  • Enhances immune functions

  • Improves the quality of collagen

  • Helps build new healthy collagen

  • Enhances skin, nails and hair

  • Encourages fat loss

  • Protects against free radical damage

  • Strengthens bones

  • Increases glutathione

  • Helps eliminate many food sensitivities

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Nutritional Supplement recommended Dosage:


As a dietary supplement for adults, mix 20 grams (approx. 1 level scoop) in 237 ml (8 oz) of water, milk or your favourite juice and blend or shake vigorously. May also be blended with fresh fruit. Please note the additional calories and/or protein provided by milk or juice. Also note that it can even be added to sauces, soups, cereals, muffins, pancakes and other bake mixes.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Store out of reach of young children. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Although we take great care in what we say about products on this site, you should always read the manufacturer's label on the actual product carefully before taking supplements


Nutritional Supplement Ingredients:


Each level scoop (approx. 20g) provides:

Calories 80
Calories from fat 10
Total fat 1 g
Cholesterol 25 mg
Total Carbohydrate 1 g
Sugars 1 g
Protein 16 g
Calcium 72 mg
(from whey protein)
Phosphorus 58 mg
(from whey protein)
Magnesium 12 mg
(from whey protein)
Sodium 27 mg
(from whey protein)
Potassium 135 mg
(from whey protein)

Other Ingredients
Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate, Ion-Exchanged Whey Protein Concentrate (both supplying B-lactoglobulin, A-lactalbumin, immunoglobulin, glycomacropeptides, bovine serum albumin, residual caseins, protease peptides, and lactoferrin), Hydrolysed (partially predigested) Whey Protein Concentrate (supplying di, tri, oligo and polypeptides), Free-Form L-Glutamine (100 mg added per serving), Free-Form BCAA’s (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine – 100 mg of each added per serving), Natural Vanilla Bean Flavour.


Caution: This product contains phenylalanine; therefore, the use of this product is recommended under supervision of a healthcare practitioner for those with phenylketonuria (PKU)


More about this product:


Ion exchanged - Micro-filtered and Hydrolized

Processed at low temperatures • Lactose Free • No artificial Sweeteners


This list of benefits is taken from The X Factor Diet by Leslie Kenton (highly recommended reading). This book gives a full description of the benefits of whey protein, as well as the pitfalls to look for when choosing brands. Not all products are what they appear. Says Michael Colgan, top nutritional expert in Sports nutrition, "The worst blends we’ve found are less than 10 per cent good proteins, and over 90 per cent cheap milk casein (BV77), soya isolate (BV74) or cheap whey. Unlike pure whey protein, which is heavy and dense, all these powders are light and bulky because they are loaded with lactose (milk sugar) and other unwanted components. So you seem to be getting more for your money.”

Whey has the highest biological value (BV) of all natural proteins.

Whey is the protein choice because of its:

  • efficient utilization in the body due to its high BV
  • natural source of branched chain amino acids
  • potent source of lactalbumin
  • unique source of immunoglobulins

Solgar's Whey To Go® Protein Powder is:

  • Complete essential amino acid profile
  • Superior biological protein value
  • Highly efficient ion-exchanged, micro-filtered and hydrolyzed whey concentrates
  • Low heat, non-chemical whey extraction process
  • With free-form L-Glutamine
  • Free-form branched chain amino acids (BCAA's)
  • Free of lactose, starch and artificial flavours.
  • Low in fat
  • Easy to mix
  • Smooth, natural vanilla bean flavour

Solgar's Whey to Go Protein Powder also includes two beneficial ingredients, free-form L-Glutamine and free-form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's). L-Glutamine plays a significant role in supporting muscle mass. BCAA's help promote protein synthesis which assists in decreasing the breakdown of muscle under stressful conditions. Both L-Glutamine and BCAA's are used by muscle tissue as a source of energy.

In addition, Solgar's Whey To Go® Protein Powder is free of starch and lactose and is low in fat. Plus, its delicious vanilla bean flavour blends easily and tastes great in water, milk, or your favourite juice. It can even be added to sauces, soups, cereals, muffins, pancakes and other bake mixes. It is an excellent way to add extra high quality protein to your daily caloric intake.

Naturally flavoured Whey Protein Powder. (Ion-exchanged, Micro-filtered and partially pre-digested, providing di, tri, oligo and polypeptides.

  • Lactose free
  • No artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or acesulfame K
  • Manufactured from cows not treated with rBGH, recombinant bovine growth hormone.

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