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Salvestrol is the original, and number one range of supplements designed to protect against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It has been specifically formulated to maintain a healthy balance in the daily lives of those who take it.
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Salvestrol LypoSalve Cream 50g
Salvestrol LypoSalve Cream 50g
Salvestrol Platinum 90 Capsules
Salvestrol Shield 60 Capsules
Salvestrol Shield 60 Capsules

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What is Salvestrol used for?


They are phytoalexins whose formation is triggered by invading pathogens. Inside fruits & vegetables, salvestrols are used as part of a plant-based defence mechanism. If a ripe fruit is attacked by a fungus, the synthesis of a salvestrol specific for this pathogen is triggered. Salvestrols are formed at the site, usually in the root of the plant or fruit’s skin, and penetrate the pathogen. Humans use salvestrols to try to rid themselves of carcinomatous degenerated cells. Unfortunately, they are not produced by the human body and industrially processed foods contain only small amounts due to modern farming methods. It is said that this decline may be due to the ever-increasing number of cancer cases in the developed world. 


Who discovered Salvestrols?


They were discovered in 2002 by Gerry Potter, who was a professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of the Cancer Drug Discovery Group at Leicester’s De Montfort University. Gerry had spent almost twenty years designing synthetic cancer drugs and hypothesised that plants and some of the most common foods we eat, may have similar compounds that could block cancer cells metabolism. In what would become later referred to as a 'Rescue mechanism', Gerry's game changing discovery hinged on a particular cytochrome P450 enzyme, known as CYP1B1.


What makes Salvestrol stand out?


It has natural synergists which enhance the effect of salvestrols. These include vitamin B3, vitamin C, biotin (or vitamin H), iron and magnesium. Biotin encourages the production of CYP1B1, an extrahepatic, drug-degrading enzyme used in the treatment of pre-existing cancers. Vitamin B3 and magnesium stimulate the salvestrols activation mechanism, while iron forms the core of the aforementioned CYP1B1 enzyme. Vitamin C protects salvestrols from premature oxidation and potentially provides CYP1B1 with electrons needed for metabolic conversion.


Who can take salvestrols?


It is important to remember that salvestrols are not an antioxidant but rather anti-inflammatory, which may provide support during times of chronic inflammation. Salvestrols also have antifungal properties, which may help to treat fungal infections by killing or stopping the growth of dangerous fungi within your body.