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Salvestrols health benefits from supplements

Below, you will see our products: Salvestrol Shield, Salvestrol Platinum and Salvestrols Lyposalve Cream, which is a fantastic everyday cream that can be used in addition to your normal Skincare regime, and is also a great healer for nappy rash, sun spots, Skin damage and lesions.  Salvestrol is a vital component to us found in some foods, which is often not as rich in them as it once was.

What are Salvestrols

Salvestrols are newly discovered micro nutrients that are essential for maintaining balanced human health. Salvestrols cannot be made in the body and must therefore be supplied through the diet. 

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Salvestrol LypoSalve Cream 50g
Salvestrol LypoSalve Cream 50g
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Salvestrol Shield 60 Capsules
Salvestrol Shield 60 Capsules
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We all know why we are being urged to eat so much fresh fruit and vegetables. Amongst those rich in salvestrols are  Important biological sources of salvestrols are:


green vegetables, artichokes, asparagus, watercress, rocket, all types of cabbage, capsicums, avocado, germinated soya beans, wild carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, pumpkin, courgette, aubergine,


red fruit, olives, berries, grapes, apples, strawberries, plums, figs, raspberries, mandarin, orange, mulberry, melon, pineapple, mango; Herbs: parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, dandelion, rooibos, plantain, rose hip, milk thistle, mayflower (berry), camomile, agrimony, lemon beebrush.

It now seems that one of the most critical elements in this component of our diet is Salvestrols. However, Salvestrols are disappearing from our diet at an alarming rate due to modern farming and food processing methods.

Our diet contains only 10% of Salvestrol content it did a century ago so you are unlikely to get enough from your normal diet . Even if you do it has a higher content and is at its most effective and potent raw. Cooking can destroy some of it.

Why is it less available?

What is looks like

Instinctively we shop with our eyes and so we look for perfect looking fruits with no blemishes or infections. Producers use fungicides to prevent these infections, so the fruit looks perfect - but plants don't naturally look perfect and need these infections so they can produce the Salvestrols we need.

What it tastes like

We like sweet tasting fruits but Salvestrols are generally bitter so have been bred out of many fruit species so that we are more likely to buy them but it reduces the health benefit.

Waste: we tends to through the richest part away

Levels of Salvestrols are highest in the skin, peel or rind which is most often discarded as waste matter. It is certainly waste - but only because we throw it away!!

Food processing and preparation techniques

In an ideal world we should all consume locally sourced, raw foods. But modern overcooking techniques have dramatically reduced the levels of Salvestrols we consume. We mash them, sugar them, boil them almost to death and much of the nutrient goes up in steam. Obviously this is not the case with carefully designed and prepared supplements, which, if taken as instructed, retain all the health benefits,

What do Salvestrols Do?

They are a Natural Defence System. Salvestrols are converted inside diseased cells into compounds that can destroy the diseased cell. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism and may be essential to maintain good health:

Salvestrols restore natural components to your diet that are lost through modern farming and processing techniques. Cells in the body use Salvestrols to help correct themselves when things go wrong. Salvestrols are like the cell’s own police force helping to ensure the cell functions correctly. The body would normally use Salvestrols as a self protection mechanism when cells are acting abnormally - generally an inflammation of some sort.

How do antioxidants and Salvestrols differ?

Antioxidants strive to protect our cells from DNA damage but they don't once the damage is done. Salvestrols work beyond antioxidants by working only in the damaged cells. The truth is you need both.

How do I take Salvestrols?

Salvestrols should be taken with a meal. 

Do I need Salvestrol supplements if I eat organic food?

Research also suggests that levels of Salvestrols are up to 30 times higher in organic produce, but almost absent in some commercially grown varieties.

Some varieties of fruit have 40 or 50 times higher levels than others. So you will probably benefit from choosing organic products. But even with these, Salvestrols have often been bred out. With a prefect diet an high level of control, you can increase your Salvestrol input without supplements.

But can you control the input, buy the right products, afford the extra time and expense probably involved? Taking salvestrol supplements balances the right amount for you with almost no effort at all.

If you are advised not to eat grapefruit

Grapefruit interferes with proteins in the small intestine and liver that normally break down many medications. Eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice while taking these medications can lead to higher levels of them in your blood — and more side effects.

With some drugs, with even small amounts of grapefruit can cause severe side effects. Therefore, the combination should be avoided.

Your pharmacy may mark these drugs with a grapefruit interaction warning.

That is why Salvestrol Capsules do not contain naringenin, which is found in grapefruit and may interact with several CYP enzymes and can interfere with some drug therapies.

Have a browse through the individual products to see which may be most appropriate for you.