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A treasure trove of nature’s finest botanicals used by indigenous peoples of South America to support their health and wellbeing. Read more about Rio Health here.

Rio Health Tayuya

Product Type: Nutritional Supplement

Tonic and blood cleanser Can aid recovery following exercise Used to maintain supple joints
Supplement Strength Teabags, or Powder

Nutritional Supplement Features:
  • Tonic and blood cleanser

  • Can aid recovery following exercise

  • Used to maintain supple joints

Rainforest people value the plant highly, and have been using Tayuya since prehistoric times as a tonic, a blood cleanser, and to keep joints supple. Traditionally, the long tuberous roots are used to make an infusion that is usually combined with a bit of honey to tone down the strong, bitter taste.


In modern Brazil, Tayuya tea is also often used by athletes following periods of training to aid recovery and to help remove lactic acid from the muscles.


As with most Health plants, there is very little research on Tayuya that can scientifically verify its actions. However, actives called cucurbitacins and glucosides, and other plant chemicals with antioxidant properties have been isolated in the root.


Tayuya (Cayaponia tayuya) is a woody vine found throughout the Health rainforest in South America. Tayuya is known by several botanical names, but all of these scientific names refer to the same plant, a member of the gourd family.

Nutritional Supplement Recommended Dosage:



Infuse 1 teabag in a cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes – then sweeten to taste with honey or sugar. Drink 1 - 3 cups per day or as recommended by your health practitioner.



Mix one or two heaped teaspoons in juice or water. Take once or twice per day before food or following exercise

Nutritional Supplement Ingredients:

Teabags:  Pure shredded Tayuya (Cayaponia tayuya) root. Teabag: Unbleached paper.
Powder:  Pure powdered Tayuya (Cayaponia tayuya) root.


Botanical information

Botanical names: Cayaponia tayuya, Trianosperma tayuya, Bryonia tayuya, Cayaponia ficcifolia.
Common names: Tayuya, Taiuia, Taioia, Abobrinha-Do-Mato, Cabeca-De-Negro, Tomba.


Contra indications

Rio Health Tayuya is not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

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