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Rio Amazon Suma (Brazilian Ginseng) 500mg

Rio Health Suma (Brazilian Ginseng)

Product Type: Nutritional Supplement
Adaptogen & tonic herb Used for hormone imbalance Reduces stress & fatigue Aids detoxification


Nutritional Supplement Features:

Suma is the common name of a large rainforest root also known as ‘Brazilian Ginseng.’

In Brazil it is also referred to as ‘Para toda’ – meaning ‘for everything.’

  • Adaptogen & tonic herb

  • Used for hormone imbalance

  • Reduces stress & fatigue

  • Aids detoxification

Like herbs such as Asian Ginseng and Rhodiola, Suma is classed as an ‘adaptogen’ by herbalists, meaning that it can exert a balancing effect on multiple body systems.


It is often used to aid detoxification and to treat stress, fatigue and hormone disorders.

Suma root is also highly nutritious - and contains 19 amino acids, plus high levels of vitamins and minerals. It also has a high content of germanium which is thought to account for its properties as an oxygenator at the cellular level (which can increase energy).

The root is also a source of many other actives, including three important plant sterols - beta-ecdysterone, beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol, which are thought to have oestrogen-like properties and must account for its benefit to those suffering from hormone imbalance.


Nutritional Supplement Recommended Dosage:

2 - 4 capsules of Suma per day before food or as directed by your health practitioner.


Contra indications

Suma may have oestrogen like effects. Do not use with oestrogen-positive cancers.


Nutritional Supplement Ingredients:

Pure powdered Suma root (Pfaffia paniculata) 500mg. Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose.


Botanical information

Botanical name: Pfaffia paniculata
Common names: Suma, Brazilian Ginseng, Pfaffia, Para toda, Corango-acu


Allergen information



A treasure trove of nature’s finest botanicals used by indigenous peoples of South America to support their health and wellbeing. Read more about Rio Health here.

Rio Amazon Suma (Brazilian Ginseng) 500mg

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