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A treasure trove of nature’s finest botanicals used by indigenous peoples of South America to support their health and wellbeing. Read more about Rio Health here.

Rio Health Damiana

Product Type: Tea

for calmer mood in both men and women

Brew a cup of  damiana tea as desired


A cup of Damiana tea can certainly put you in the mood, but Damiana is also useful as a mild anti-depressant and stress beater.


Popular with executives and those with hectic lifestyles, the fragrant leaves of this small shrub are known across South America, the Caribbean and Mexico.


Damiana makes an intriguing tea which has a high reputation as a calmer of the mood, and an anti-depressant.

The volatile oils trigger a more positive frame of mind, and the tea is also used as a loving cup.


The content of sitosterol stimulates the response in both men and women.


This information is not intended to replace the advice of your personal qualified Healthcare Professional.


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