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Information about probiotics

Probiotics Introduction 

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Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts promoted as having various health benefits. They're usually added to yoghurts or taken as food supplements, and are often described as 'good' or 'friendly' bacteria.

Probiotics are thought to help restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut (including your stomach and intestines) when it has been disrupted by an illness or treatment.

Probiotics may be helpful in some cases and it does seem that for most people probiotics appear to be safe. 

Probiotic yoghurts and supplements

If you're considering trying probiotics, there are a few issues you need to be aware of.

Firstly, probiotics are generally classed as food rather than medicine, which means that you need to ensure that you are taking an excellent brand like BioCare, Lamberts, Higher Nature or Solgar. (All of the probiotics on this site are of high quality). They all: 

  • contain the bacteria stated on the food label
  • contain enough bacteria to have an effect
  • have bacteria able to survive long enough to reach your gut

Lastly, there's likely to be a huge difference between the pharmaceutical-grade probiotics and the yoghurts sold in shops.

Probiotics can prevent AAD (Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea)

There's fairly good evidence that taking high doses of some probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus or Saccharomyces boulardii) while taking antibiotics can help prevent children getting AAD.

Without probiotics, antibiotics can sometimes wipe out the protective gut bacteria, resulting in diarrhoea. 

Probiotics given with antibiotics may also reduce the risk of developing a Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection. C. difficile are potentially dangerous bacteria that can cause diarrhoea and life-threatening complications. They can infect the gut if the balance of gut bacteria is disturbed by antibiotics.

Probiotics are thought to directly kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, stopping them producing toxic substances that can make you ill.

Probiotics may treat infectious diarrhoea

There's some evidence that probiotics can shorten an episode of diarrhoea caused by a stomach bug by about a day.

Probiotics may help protect premature babies

Some babies born prematurely are at risk of a serious condition called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC). This is when tissues in the baby's gut become inflamed and start to die.

There's some good evidence that probiotics may reduce the likelihood of premature babies developing NEC, although there are still some uncertainties, and routine use of probiotics in premature babies isn’t currently recommended.

Probiotics may help IBS

Probiotics may help to reduce bloating and flatulence in some people with IBS. 

This is supported by a research published in 2010, although we don't yet know the extent of the benefits, nor the most effective type of probiotic.

Probiotics won't work for everyone with IBS, but if you want to try them, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests taking them for at least four weeks, at a dose recommended by the manufacturer, to see if they help. 

Probiotics may help if you're lactose intolerant

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem in which the body is unable to digest lactose (a type of sugar found mainly in milk and dairy products).

Some studies have found that certain probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, may help to reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance, which include stomach cramps, flatulence and diarrhoea. Research into this is ongoing.

In the meantime, if you are lactose intolerant, you may wish to try probiotic preparations (not yoghurts) of Lactobacillus acidophilus to see if they help.

Probiotics may help pouchitis

Some people with ulcerative colitis need to have part of their bowel removed and a loop of bowel constructed in its place. This loop, or pouch, can sometimes become inflamed, leading to diarrhoea and other problems. This is known as "pouchitis".

Small studies have shown that adding sachets of a probiotic preparation called VSL#3 to drinks or yoghurts can help treat pouchitis. However, more research is needed before it can be recommended as an effective treatment.

Probiotics don't seem to help babies with colic

It has been suggested that probiotics may be a useful treatment for babies with colic, but there's little evidence to suggest they're effective.

A 2013 study concluded that certain probiotics may help crying infants with colic that are exclusively breastfed. However, generally, it found insufficient evidence that probiotics can help manage colic effectively or prevent infants from crying.

Since then, a small but well-conducted study found that these probiotics had no effect on infant colic in either breastfed or bottle-fed babies. 

Do probiotics boost the immune system?

Adverts for probiotic yoghurts used to claim they could "boost your immune system", but these claims were ruled unproven by The European Food Safety Authority and can no longer be made.

There’s a lack of evidence for probiotics benefiting the immune system, and research found that in healthy children, probiotic supplements had no effect on antibody levels, days of fever and number of infections.

Probiotics can't be used for IBD

There's a lack of evidence to make any conclusions about the effectiveness of probiotics for relieving symptoms of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

Probiotics are not supported for eczema

Some studies have suggested that giving probiotics to young children may reduce their risk of developing eczema, but the evidence is not very strong.

There's no evidence to support claims that probiotics can help treat symptoms of eczema.

A 2008 review found that probiotics do not reduce eczema symptoms, such as itching, nor do they change the severity of a person's eczema.

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Only The finest brands and support from brand manufacturers

We research all brands of health supplement on our site. For all the leading brands we only purchase direct from the brand manufacturer. There are good reasons for this. We have a close relationship with them and many are favoured suppliers to professional nutritional experts and dieticians for their patients.

This means:

  • The quality of raw materials and manufacturing process is of the highest quality.
  • You can be sure that the supplements have excellent "use by" dates.
  • We are constantly updated with product changes and information
  • We have access to they clinical teams in case their are any queries about suitability of products
  • You can be assured that where replacement products are required, they will be available
  • That brand manufacturers have tested our facilities and staff knowledge of products to ensure products are properly stored and customer queries van be effectively dealt with.

You will find on our "brands" page, links to each brand manufacturer's products. Many of them operate a recommended retailer scheme, for example BioCareLamberts, Higher Nature and Solgar. All of these brands are major suppliers to professional nutritionists.

This means you can reply on the products. In fact, some years ago, one of these brands made a decision to cut the number of retailers with outlets for their products to only one tenth of those it currently had. They did this because it meant they had full control of their products and the quality of outlets and while it had the potential to reduce their business sales, they found it more important to retain their brand awareness quality (but see "why is this important" below). is a recommend retailer for all of these brands.

Why is this important?

There are many websites providing health supplements. They vary enormously:

  • Many provide very inexpensive products that lack rigorous manufacturing processes and top quality raw ingredients. This means the supplements are often ineffective. The same often applies to the rather cheap brands often offered by supermarkets.
  • Many sites obtain their supplies from wholesalers other than the brand manufacturers themselves. This means that the manufacturer has no control over the quality of storage of the products.
  • There is an extra layer in the process (the wholesaler), which can lead to higher prices for the same product.
  • There have been many instances of sellers buying up bankrupt stock, which often has poor "use by" dates and there is no guarantee about how the goods have been stored.
  • There have been a number of cases of sellers actually selling for prices below that which they could possibly have purchased them for. Even some obtained by fraudulent means and then resold via organisations like Amazon and eBay, where there is a huge problem with quality control of products, or indeed of sellers. Many of the major brands have banned the sale of their goods on these outlets but it has proved impossible for them to effectively police the activity. You should be aware of any risks you may be taking, simply by going for the cheapest price at these outlets.

Great Service

In spite of the fact that we have supplied thousands of customers, we still believe that personal customer service is key to customer satisfaction and therefore our own success.

Success is important to any business of course, but achieving it is not just a case of great service and products; it's also about how you conduct your business. It may sound strange to say that top of our priority list is 'family comes first'. Our businesses and our jobs are vitally important to all of us but we run our business with the reasonable assumption (we think) that our staff and their families come first. If that seems at odds with the statement that 'the customer is always right', we don't think it is. Every member of our staff is treated as a 'partner' in our venture' and, by extension, so are their families. There is no doubt that this creates a friendly and motivated work environment, which spins across to great customer service.

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