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Probiotic supplements

Probiotics for your health.

400 + species of bacteria inhabit the digestive tract. Some of these are the pathogenic, or disease-producing, bacteria. But others are considered "friendly” bacteria: Probiotics. The digestive tract health depends on how friendly bacteria control the less friendly, pathogenic variety. Friendly bacteria (probiotics) produce acetic, lactic and formic acids which lower the pH in the intestine, thereby inhibiting growth of undesirable bacteria and enhancing the nutritional status by helping to digest food and manufacture essential vitamins.

You might have heard of the terms ‘prebiotics’ and ‘probiotics’ being mentioned in association with digestive health on BBC television show “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”. But what’s the difference between them and which one is more important? Read more here.

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Viridian Synbiotic Children's Powder 50g

Viridian Synbiotic Children's Powder 50g£14.90

An expert formulation of good gut bacteria for children's gut health.

Viridian Synbiotic Daily Capsules

Viridian Synbiotic Daily CapsulesFrom:  £8.70


Comprising good gut bacteria (probiotics) with added ‘prebiotics’.

Viridian Synbiotic Daily High Strength Capsules

Viridian Synbiotic Daily High Strength CapsulesFrom:  £32.05

An expert formulation of good gut bacteria (probiotics) and prebiotics.

Viridian Synbiotic Daily Powder 50g

Viridian Synbiotic Daily Powder 50g£18.85

Good gut bacteria (commonly known as probiotics) with added ‘prebiotics’.

Viridian Synbiotic ProCare 30 Capsules

Viridian Synbiotic ProCare 30 Capsules£21.60

Four strains of probiotics that have been used worldwide for more than 15 years.

Viridian Synbiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii 30 Capsules

Viridian Synbiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii 30 Capsules£20.15

An ideal supplement to take alongside antibiotics and when travelling overseas

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Most major brands of health supplements supply probiotics.

Probiotics are microorganisms that are believed to provide health benefits when consumed.

They are designed to:

  • decrease of potentially pathogenic gastrointestinal microorganisms, 
  • reduce gastrointestinal discomfort, 
  • strengthen the immune system, 
  • improve of the skin's function, 
  • improve bowel regularity, 
  • strengthen the resistance to cedar pollen allergens, 
  • decrease body pathogens, 
  • reduction flatulence and bloating, 
  • protect DNA, 
  • protection proteins and lipids from oxidative damage, 
  • maintain individual intestinal microbiota in subjects receiving antibiotic treatment.

Details about choosing probiotics and what conditions they are likely to help and which they will not