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Potter's Herbals

Potter's Herbals: A name trusted for generations

Potters is a brand that has been trusted by families for generations, delivering a broad range of reliable, proven, natural healthcare.  Potter’s products are crafted using 200 years of extensive knowledge and expertise of carefully selected plants and herbs from natural wellbeing.

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Potter's Herbals ActiveFlex 60 Tablets

Potter's Herbals ActiveFlex 60 Tablets£14.99

Potter's Herbals Digesteron 60 Tablets

Potter's Herbals Digesteron 60 Tablets£7.65

Potter's Herbals Energise 60 Capsules

Potter's Herbals Energise 60 Capsules£17.99

Potter's Herbals Energise Tonic 250ml

Potter's Herbals Energise Tonic 250ml£17.99

Potter's Herbals Liquorice Mixture 135ml

Potter's Herbals Liquorice Mixture 135ml£4.99

Potter's Herbals Malt Extract 650g

Potter's Herbals Malt Extract 650g£6.49

Potter's Herbals Memory & Focus 60 Capsules

Potter's Herbals Memory & Focus 60 Capsules£15.99

Potter's Herbals Muscle Rub Gel 100ml

Potter's Herbals Muscle Rub Gel 100ml£7.29

Potter's Herbals Skin Clear Lotion 75ml

Potter's Herbals Skin Clear Lotion 75ml£5.09

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

Potter's: Providing everyday healthcare from nature

New plant compounds with exciting potential are still being discovered, and scientists continue to explore new ways of combining familiar herbs to amplify their natural benefits. Years of tradition of natural herbal health and the technology of today, has come together in order to provide high quality botanical products. 

Potter's Heritage

Potter’s Herbals, the traditional British company that moves with the times, has a rich heritage of herbal research and is also at the forefront of moves to safeguard consumers. The company was instrumental in setting up the British Herbal Medicine Association  which was founded in 1964 to “advance the science and practice of herbal medicine” and promote “the use of herbal products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards to ensure consistently high quality and effectiveness for the consumer”.

The Potter's difference

As a trusted consumer brand, Potter’s is guided by our belief and commitment to providing families with natural healthcare products that deliver optimal health outcomes.

Potter's Tradition

At Potter’s, they understand the importance of looking after each other. For over 200 years, they have been developing natural healthcare products that provide families with what they need when it comes to better health.

Potter's Expertise

Potter’s products are created drawing on an extensive knowledge and expertise to produce a broad range of products from one or more carefully selected herbs as well as other ingredients, to help target many everyday health needs.

Potter's Reliability

Through their commitment to sourcing quality ingredients and rigorous processes, we deliver natural healthcare products that are renowned for their quality, safety and reliability across generations.


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BioCare Liposomal CBD

BioCare Liposomal CBD£64.99   £51.99

YourZooki Lipsomal Vitamin C

YourZooki Lipsomal Vitamin C£39.99

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BioCare Lamberts Solgar Higher Nature
Professional quality supplements including Biocare probiotics, Biocare multivitamins and minerals Biocare Children's supplements. UK leading brand. Lamberts supplements are UK leader in professional quality supplements Lamberts range includes Vitamins & Minerals, pure fish oil, glucosamine. Solgar is one of the world's leaders for health supplements. Innovative & top quality. Range includes the world leading VM75 multinutrient Higher Nature supplements are potent, effective and well-absorbed and the specification is higher than pharmaceutical grade. Includes the famous True Food range of whole food supplements.
nutri-advanced a-vogel
Nutri Advanced Good Health Naturally A Vogel Viridian

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