Potter's Herbals

Potter's Herbals is a trusted consumer brand, guided by a belief and commitment to providing your family with natural healthcare options that deliver optimal health outcomes. This traditional British company has a rich heritage of herbal research but knows when to move with the times, which is why they stand at the forefront of moves to safeguard their loyal consumers.

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Who is the founder of Potter's Herbals?


In 1812, a young man called Henry Potter hung a sign above his premises in Farringdon Street, London which read “Seedsman, Herbalist and Dealer in Leeches”. This act laid the foundations for what was to become Potter’s Herbals; one of the oldest and longest-standing herbal medicine manufacturers. Henry was an innovative man who created holistic natural products based on a blend of specially-selected ingredients. Throughout the years, as the business grew from strength to strength, Henry’s innovations were never forgotten. In 1964, Potter’s Herbals was instrumental in setting up the British Herbal Medicine Association in order to advance the science and practice of herbal medicine, and promote the use of herbal products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.


What makes Potter’s Herbals stand out?


They have a two-hundred year heritage in providing quality natural solutions. They understand what families need when it comes to better health, which is why their range includes products for everyday health as well as products that target specific health requirements. Through our commitment to sourcing quality ingredients and rigorous processes, Potter's delivers natural healthcare products that are renowned for their quality, safety and reliability across generations.


What do Potter’s produce?


Potter's Herbals produce products from one, or usually a blend, of carefully selected plants and herbs from natural wellbeing. These include stomach & digestion aids, cold & flu supplements, topicals to tackle skin blemishes, and energising products to combat fatigue.