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Patrick Holford Get Up & Go Low GL 300G

Patrick Holford Get Up & Go Low GL 300G

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Patrick Holford Get Up & Go Low GL - A delicious low GL breakfast shake. Contains a range of vitamins & minerals, one third of your daily protein requirements, & essential fatty acids

Code:  PKF-370300
Brand:  Patrick Holford
FORM (e.g. capsules):  Powder

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Patrick Holford Get Up and Go Low GL (300g)

Delicious breakfast powder for a shake or smoothie, containing vitamins,  minerals, protein, and blend of wholefoods

Can be used to make a healthy shake or smoothie, giving you the perfect start to the day.

Low GL provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals, one third of your daily protein requirements, and relevant levels of essential fatty acids.

Get Up & Go is made from the best-quality whole foods, ground into a powder.

Nutritional information per five level dessertspoons (30g) of Get Up and Go!:

939mg Vitamin C

350mg Calcium

300mg Magnesium

250mg Phosphorous

33.3mg Vitamin E

20mg Niacin

20mg Pantothenic Acid

15mg Zinc

14mg Iron

10mg Vitamin B6

5mg Thiamin

5mg Riboflavin

2.5mg Manganese

800mcg Vitamin A

300mcg Folacin

0.3mg Copper

0.15mg Biotin

150mcg Iodine

50mcg Chromium

50mcg Selenium

20mcg Vitamin K

6.25mcg Vitamin D

2.5mcg Vitamin B12

  • Carbohydrate mainly from apple powder;

  • Protein from quinoa, soya and rice flour;

  • Essential fats from ground sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds;

  • Fibre from oat bran, rice bran and psyllium husks;

  • Additional flavour from almond meal, cinnamon and natural vanilla.

Five level dessertspoons (30g) of Patrick Holford Get Up and Go daily with half a pint of milk, soya milk or rice milk, and a banana or other fruit.



Contains soya, nuts, sesame seeds and gluten

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