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Nutrigold was founded in 1999 by naturopaths, who shared many years experience in complementary health. The sole objective was to serve the needs of health practitioners. After nine years of intense development. Their unique range of products and services have gained them recognition as one of the forerunners in the UK's Complementary Practitioner Health Market.

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Words from Nutrigold:

Nutrigold was founded in 1999 by naturopaths, who jointly share many years experience in the complementary health field, with the sole objective of serving the needs of our fellow practitioners.

After nine years of intense development, our unique range of health supplements and services have gained us the recognition of being one of the forerunners in the UK's Complementary Practitioner Health Supplement Market. Our renowned commercial success over the past nine years has allowed us to compile an unrivalled level of scientific research that helps our consumers understand the best way to get the optimum effects from our formulations in a safe,responsible manner. We are particularly proud of our Bioactive Vitamins and high absorption Citrizorb® Minerals, we believe that these products set a new industry standard in high quality food supplementation.

When evaluating health supplements, always remember the most expensive food supplement you have ever taken is the one that didn't work!
As a leading naturopathic company we work with many of the original holistic principles of The Greek Physician "Hippocrates", often referred to as the"Father of Medicine", who best explained the most important rule when he stated a very simple yet sound truth "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". How true these words still are today...

Although today we do have to question what our food really delivers in nutritional terms. He also went on to say "do no harm" which is of course an important point. We believe you should not do anything that will directly override the body's natural systems; therefore we do not produce any health supplements that we feel take the right to choose away from our body's natural instincts.

We strongly believe that you must work with the body by supporting and encouraging the natural process of elimination, whilst making available to the body natural, biologically active food nutrients that your body can recognise and accept or reject, depending on its requirements. We believe with the right guidance the body will do the rest... Remember, it's what you absorb and how it reacts in your body that's important, not the label claim, or the sales hype that surrounds it.