Nutri Advanced L-Glutamine 500mg 90 Capsules

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Nutri Advanced
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Amino Acids
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Nutri Advanced

Nutri L-Glutamine 500mg

Single Amino Acid Supplement
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Each capsule of Nutri L-Glutamine typically contains:  
500mg L-Glutamine

Encapsulated with:   
Ascorbyl palmitate

Glutamine is the most abundant protein (amino acid) in the body, especially in the brain, skeletal muscle and blood. Extra glutamine may be beneficial:
  • Following illness, injury or surgery

  • At times of great stress

  • While recovering from infection

  • When healing digestive disorders

  • For ‘leaky gut’ or food allergy

  • If your immune system needs help

  • In periods of heavy exercise

  • To help reduce cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and sugar

  • To help with detoxification

Nutritional Supplement Recommended Intake:

2 Nutri L-Glutamine capsules one to three times daily, half an hour before meals, or as professionally directed.


Glutamine helps clear toxic wastes through the kidneys, and should be therefore be avoided by people with chronic renal failure.



  • Converted in the body to glutamic acid, glutamine is the primary fuel for the brain.

  • Picks up excess ammonia, therefore serves as an important buffer and ammonia neutraliser.

  • Promotes the formation of glutathione, an essential enzyme required by the body for metabolic clearing of both endo and exo toxins.

  • Many studies have shown glutamine to be the primary fuel for helping maintain the integrity of the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

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