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Nutri Advanced Caricol (20 Stickpacks)

Nutri Advanced Caricol (20 Stickpacks)
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An entirely natural organic product made from the pulp of tree-ripened papaya, to support a healthy digestion.

Code:  NU3650
Brand:  Nutri Advanced
FORM (e.g. capsules):  Stickpack

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Nutri Advanced

Nutri Advanced Caricol

Digestive Health Supplement
CARICOL®* is an entirely natural organic product made from the pulp of tree-ripened papaya, to support a healthy digestion.
Each 20ml stickpack serving typically contains:
  •     Fruit of the Papaya  20ml
  •     Energy  8.6kcals
  •     Protein  0.26g
  •     Carbohydrate  1.82g
  •     Of which: Sugars  1.4g
  •     Fat  0.02g
  •     Of which: Saturates        
  •     Fibre     0.26g
  •     Sodium     0.88mg
Other ingredients:
    Citric acid
    Natural flavours
  • The name CARICOL® is derived from: ARIca papaya L. - the latin name for papaya. COL - colon, where it has its predominant effect.
  • Papaya fruit is naturally high in papain, a potent proteolytic enzyme. Proteolytic enzymes support the breakdown of proteins.
  • Papaya supports optimal bowel function. It has also been shown to have soothing effects on the stomach and digestive tract.
  • A well functioning digestive system is necessary to provide vital nourishment and energy for the mind and body.
  • Optimum function of the digestive system is also an essential prerequisite for a resilient immune system. A healthy digestive system supports metabolic clearing and healing processes in the body.
  • The preparation of the fruit and the recipe originate at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery on Big Island, Hawaii.
1 stickpack serving after a meal, up to 3 times daily, or as directed.
Take with a glass of water on the side, or dissolved into water as a fruit beverage.
None known if directions are followed.

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