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High quality health supplements with a unique extraction process for maximum efficiency. Includes the famous Cowden Support programme designed to fight Lyme Disease. 
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Nutramedix Adrenal

Nutramedix Adrenal£32.99

NutraMedix Adrenal. Herbs for healthy adrenal function; may reduce fatigue caused by adrenal exhaustion

Nutramedix Algas

Nutramedix Algas£32.99

NutraMedix Algas Heavy Metal - May help body to cleanse itself of heavy metals.

Nutramedix Amantilla

Nutramedix Amantilla£21.99

NutraMedix Amantilla Relax/Sleep (Valerian) - Potent liquid extract of Valerian, mild sedative, aids relaxation & reduces anxiety.

Nutramedix Avea

Nutramedix Avea£21.99

NutraMedix Avea Mood (Turmeric) - 30ml - positive effect on mood; supple joints; improved circulation

Nutramedix Babuna

Nutramedix Babuna£21.99

NutraMedix Babuna Sleep (Chamomile) 30ml - May improve sleep, reduce nervous tension and aid digestion.

Nutramedix Banderol

Nutramedix Banderol

NutraMedix Banderol - 30ml - Microbial Defence - used against Borrelia burgdorferi (the bacteria that causes Lyme disease).

Nutramedix Barberry

Nutramedix Barberry£49.49

NutraMedix Barberry Microbial Defense is a tea made from the root used to treat arthritis, diarrhoea, fever, and to support immune function.

Nutramedix Burbur

Nutramedix Burbur£31.89

Nutramedix Burbur - Liver and Lymphatic Detox, purifier, anti-inflammatory - helps reduce herxheimer reactions

Nutramedix Condura

Nutramedix Condura£32.99

NutraMedix Condura Comfort - 30 ml - Aids digestion, may relieve stomach aches and headaches

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 1

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 1£247.62

Nuramedix Cowden support For the treatment Lyme Disease. Month 1 of 6 month Program

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 2

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 2£319.23

NutraMedix - Condensed Cowden Support Program - Products for Month 2 of 6. For the treatment of Lyme disease - 12 Products, plus instructions for program use.

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 3

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 3£320.90

NutraMedix Condensed Cowden Support Program - Products for Month 3 of 6 - for the treatment of Lyme disease

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 4

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 4£245.10

NutraMedix Condensed Cowden Support Program - Products for Month 4 of 6 - 11 Products, plus instructions for program use

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 5

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 5£274.57

NutraMedix Condensed Cowden Support Program for Lyme Disease - Products for Month 5 of 6.

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 6

Nutramedix Cowden support Program Month 6£279.22

NutraMedix Condensed Cowden Support Program for Lyme Disease - Products for Month 6 of 6 - 9 products

Nutramedix Cumanda

Nutramedix Cumanda£31.89

Nutramedix Cumanda - antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal,anti-inflammatory,antiparasitic,analgesic and part of the Cowden program

Nutramedix Enula

Nutramedix Enula£31.89

NutraMedix Enula Microbial Defense is a combination of three herbs used historically to support the body's own immune defences.

Nutramedix Ezov

Nutramedix Ezov£32.99

Nutramedix Ezov (Hyssop) has been used to relieve cases of irritation of the throat. It is still used for the soothing and pleasant effect it exerts on the throat and vocal chords.

Nutramedix Houttuynia

Nutramedix Houttuynia£31.89

NutraMedix Houttuynia Microbial Defense - 30ml  to help support a healthy immune system

Nutramedix Lakato

Nutramedix Lakato£29.69


Nutramedix Magnesium Malate vegicaps (120)

Nutramedix Magnesium Malate vegicaps (120)£21.99

NutraMedix Magnesium Malate 500mg vegicaps - important for normal cardiovascular (heart), muscle, nerve, bone and cellular function

Nutramedix Mapalo

Nutramedix Mapalo£31.89

NutraMedix Mapalo Neuro Support - 30ml - Mapalo may be used to aid detoxification.

Nutramedix Mora

Nutramedix Mora£31.89

NutraMedix Mora Microbial Defense 30ml - Mora may support a healthy immune system

Nutramedix Parsley

Nutramedix Parsley£30.79

NutraMedix Parsley Detox 30ml - Supports detoxification via the kidneys and liver

Nutramedix Pinella Brain-Nerve Cleanse

Nutramedix Pinella Brain-Nerve Cleanse£30.79

NutraMedix Pinella Brain-Nerve Cleanse is an herbal extract and has been used by indigenous groups for hundreds of years.

Nutramedix Quina - 30ml

Nutramedix Quina - 30ml£32.99

Nutramedix Quina - natural source of quinine - may help immune system

Nutramedix Samento TOA free Cat's Claw Liquid Extract

Nutramedix Samento TOA free Cat's Claw Liquid ExtractFrom:  £21.99

NutraMedix Samento (TOA free Cat's Claw) is Used to maintain supple joints. Entirely from sustainable sources

Nutramedix Serrapeptase vegicaps 120

Nutramedix Serrapeptase vegicaps 120£47.29

Serrapeptase dissolves non-living tissue including arterial plaque and as a result it is believed to help for atherosclerosis and to maintain supple joints.

Nutramedix Sparga Sulphur Detox 30ml

Nutramedix Sparga Sulphur Detox 30ml£20.89

NutraMedix Sparga is a potent liquid extract of Asparagus root and is a sulphur detox agent.

Nutramedix Takuna Microbial Defence 30ml

Nutramedix Takuna Microbial Defence 30ml£35.19

NutraMedix Takuna Microbial Defense - 30ml - May support a healthy immune system

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Page 1 of 2:    31 Items

NutraMedix Health Supplements - Integrity, honesty, value and respect.

Nutramedix was founded in 1993 and currently has facilities in Jupiter, Florida, USA and in Shannon, Ireland supplying highly bio-active nutritional supplements to health care professionals and consumers.

From the beginning, Nutramedix has operated with a unique business model. First, the owners and management work diligently to operate a company according to Biblical principles with honesty, integrity, value and respect for all people. Its corporate environment is one that works to serve both its customers and its employees, producing one of the best customer service teams in the industry. Second, Nutramedix was founded with the goal of using a significant amount of its proceeds to support orphans, widows, Christian pastors and missionaries in economically distressed parts of the world. So as a customer, you are not just purchasing high quality nutritional supplements, you are helping us give back to people in need all around the globe.

High Quality Extraction processes for Nutramedix Health Supplements

Uniquely, NutraMedix has made a significant investment to develop a unique, proprietary extraction and enhancement process used to manufacture its liquid extracts. The result is a highly bio-available whole plant, broad-spectrum, cost-effective extract. In 2000, Nutramedix introduced Samento, a rare chemo-type of Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), which has remained one of its signature products. Nutramedix has since developed a full line of products utilizing the same proprietary extraction and enhancement process.

Nutramedix also conducts extensive research to secure the very highest quality raw materials for its powdered capsule products. Many of which have been designed to enhance the effectiveness of the liquid extracts. Nutramedix is expanding its line of natural products in order meet the needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

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Nutri Advanced Good Health Naturally A Vogel Viridian

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