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Nutramedix Condura

Nutramedix Condura

NutraMedix Condura Comfort - 30 ml - Aids digestion, may relieve stomach aches and headaches

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Brand:  Nutramedix
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NutraMedix Condura Comfort - 30ml Health Supplement

Aids digestion

May relieve stomach aches & headaches

  • Potent liquid extract of Condura (Marsdenia condurango) bark

  • Aids digestion

  • May relieve stomach aches & headaches

Condurango has been used historically by South American people as an aid to digestion, to relieve nausea, to calm nervous stomachs, and to relieve cramps and other stomach disorders.

It is believed that the bitter parts of the herb account for its digestive properties, and its ability to increase the production of digestive juices.

It can also be effective for headaches and neuralgia.

Nutramedix Condura is an extract produced from the bark of Marsdenia condurango, commonly known as Condurango, a woody vine that is native to the lower slopes of the Andes mountains in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It grows to an average of 30 feet in length, and because it is sturdy it is frequently used as a perch for Condor Eagles - hence its local name of 'Condor vine' or 'Eagle vine.'


Put 5-10 drops directly under the tongue and wait one minute before swallowing. Take 1-3 times per day or as recommended by your practitioner.


Condura (Marsdenia condurango) bark extract, Mineral water, Gluten free Ethanol (20-25%)

Allergen information

If you suffer from known latex allergy - it is best to avoid Condura

NutraMedix Condura is suitable for Vegetarians

Botanical information

Botanical name: Marsdenia condurango

Common name: Condurango, Common condor vine, Eagle vine, Bejuco de condor, Bejuco de sapo, Condurango blanco, Tucacsillu

About NutraMedix

Nutramedix are a manufacturer of high quality natural products sourced mainly from Peru. Many of these herbs are little known outside of South America, and the extensive Nutramedix product range contains many unique and potent herbs alongside more familiar remedies. Nutramedix are the manufacturers ofSamento TOA Free Cat’s claw – a powerful chemotype or ‘variety’ of one of the most important of rainforest plants.

The company was founded in 1993, and has facilities in Jupiter, Florida, where it has researched and developed a novel, proprietary extraction and enhancement process that is used to manufacture its liquid extracts. The result is a highly bio-available whole herb, broad-spectrum extract that enhances the action of the herbal ingredient.



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