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New Nordic

More About this brand
High strengths Nordic supplements to help fight age related issues. Read more about New Nordic Health Supplements.
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New Nordic Apple Cider - High Strength - caps

New Nordic Apple Cider - High Strength - caps£17.70

New Nordic Apple Cider 720mg - High Strength - An effective natural formula designed to make you naturally slim down and feel lighter

New Nordic Apple Cider tabs

New Nordic Apple Cider tabs£19.79

New Nordic Apple Cider 1000mg - Maintains a healthy digestion, a normal body fluid balance and facilitates weight loss.

New Nordic Blue Berry - Mega Strength - 30 Tablets

New Nordic Blue Berry - Mega Strength - 30 Tablets£25.26

These original Swedish Blue Berry tablets are recommended to people, who want help to maintain healthy eyes and vitality.

New Nordic Blue Berry Eyebright- 60 caps

New Nordic Blue Berry Eyebright- 60 caps£25.26

New Nordic Blue Berry - Natural, powerful Antioxidants and lutein,  is a carotenoid naturally found in the macula of the eye to aid vision.

New Nordic Chili Burn - 60 caps

New Nordic Chili Burn - 60 caps£24.19

New Nordic Chili Burn - Weight Management and Healthy Digestion, with chili pepper, green tea, dill, ginger and peppermint

New Nordic Dida - Gut health - 90 caps

New Nordic Dida - Gut health - 90 caps£24.05

New Nordic Dida™ - Gut health - Dida tablets are a cinnamon herbal formulation including peppermint oil, to help maintain a healthy digestion, reduce gas, pressure and bloating after meals.

New Nordic Frutin Chews - 60 chews

New Nordic Frutin Chews - 60 chewsFrom:  £5.46

New Nordic Frutin chews are an health supplement for stomach acid problems after meals, during stress, before bedtime & during late pregnancy.

New Nordic Hair Volume - 30 Tablets

New Nordic Hair Volume - 30 Tablets£27.45

Hair Volume is the tablet you need to maintain a normal voluminous hair growth.

New Nordic Melissa Dream - 40 caps

New Nordic Melissa Dream - 40 caps£16.45

New Nordic's Melissa Dream™ tablets are recommended to people who want help to maintain a healthy calm sleep and relaxation.


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

New Nordic - 25 Years of Vitality

Since 1990, New Nordic has been thinking differently and strived to innovate and develop new herbal tablets which strengthen vitality and fight age related health problems. The company has pioneered the use of plant molecules to activate life and vitality processes of your highly specialized body cells. The secret is to supply nutrition and signals which turn on particular cells of your body, i.e. the eyes or your brain cells, to be more active.

The original Swedish Blue Berry™ - the essence of eye health has become a well-known daily food supplement for people of all ages. So have the iconic Hair Volume™ and Active Liver™ products. Users have learned to look for New Nordic’s tablets in health stores and pharmacies. The packaging comes in many different appealing colors depending on the health effect and kind of vitality they bring, but they all have one thing in common, the Silver tree mark. Day by day an increasing amount of people experience the benefits of New Nordic’s tablets.

Today, millions of loyal consumers in more than 30 countries around the world, from China in East to USA in West, use one or more of New Nordic’s tablets as a part of their daily health routine. Joy means maintaining vitality year after year. Let New Nordic show you the path.

The Call From The Pharmacy

One day, the Category Manager of the biggest pharmacy chain in the world curiously called and told the Director of New Nordic: ”If you have an effective hair tablet in your product range in Scandinavia we would like to see it”. Why would such a pharmacy chain want to sell a tablet manufactured from a company on the other side of the Atlantic when there are so many manufacturers of health products in the US?

At New Nordic, in Sweden, they have a genuine love for nature and a passion for developing more effective health products. Is it always necessary to be slowed down by aching joints and muscles or simple lack of energy? At New Nordic they don’t think so. They are determined to do something about it and the solution is all around us. From the first day of business, the founders of New Nordic have pioneered the health industry. At New Nordic, they have great respect for the ancient studies, experience and tradition of use of herbal ingredients. They know that the real progress lies in scientific research.

The global interest in herbals is accelerating day by day and amazing functional and medicinal effects are frequently discovered. Nature is indeed very powerful.

At New Nordic they are innovative and think differently. They have an outstanding knowhow in the field and they are constantly seeking to find plant molecules that can not only supply nutrition but also activate life processes of human organ cells. Researchers at New Nordic put great efforts into following and understanding the latest scientific research and they are initiating their own research as a platform for new product development. When a pharmacy decides to distribute New Nordic products they can rest assured that they are selling products based on the latest scientific facts. Today, the company’s Hair Volume™ tablet, based on an outstanding apple extract, is used by millions of loyal consumers in more than 30 countries.

All New Nordic products are manufactured in Scandinavia. The company has leading natural products for several health and beauty concerns. Next time you shop for hair, eye or skin tablets, look for New Nordic’s characteristic Silver tree mark. Your guarantee for a consistent high quality product based on the latest scientific research.

New Nordic Research

Continuous research is how New Nordic can move forward and offer new solutions to make a better world for all of us. We think differently in the way that we strive to improve our understanding of how natures plant molecules can activate the life processes and functionality of the human cells. In other words, how can we increase the functionality of our body cells to keep us humans young and moving?

Our research is a non-stop ever increasing process. We work with professors, doctors, universities, hospitals and clinics in many parts of the world in our constant search for better solutions. All this knowledge we try to accumulate in-house and our know-how is increasing day by day. In the medical field we are funding our own studies in the fields of ADHD, diabetes, weight management, skin and hair care.

New Nordic is also involved in ground breaking basic research in the field of plant and human microbiome and the interaction between the two. Our research goes further than this. Our international operation and marketing research gives us a picture of consumer trends and the needs that our consumers have.

New Nordic Production

We source our raw materials from all corners of the world, where our herbal ingredients have the best conditions for growing strong and potent. The fresh herbs are selected, dried and extracted to preserve the desired beneficial plant molecules we need in our tablets to make them work effectively.

All tablets are manufactured and packed under pharmaceutical control in state of the art factories in Sweden and Denmark. After rigorously testing and analyzing they are finally released for shipment to the batch controlled warehouses and shelves of pharmacies and health stores around the world.

We try to influence and control every single step from field and forest to the final product on the shelf.

New Nordic Natural Magic

Many wonder drugs have arisen from non-endangered species, such as the bark of the willow tree, which was the original source of aspirin or the widely prescribed cancer drug Taxol® that was developed from a substance found in the bark of an endangered species of tree called the Pacific yew.

Plants possess magical healing powers hand have been the basis of medical treatments as long as anyone remembers. Today, New Nordic research is focused on finding plant compounds that are both safe to consume and has desirable physiological functions, which can bring us vitality.

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