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New Era Tissue Salts have been made to the highest quality by a family-owned business whose origins can be traced back to the turn of the last century. Not only can they be used alongside any medication, the nutrients in these tissue salts dissolve in the mouth, which encourages the rapid absorption of their active ingredients.

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New Era Combination B - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination D - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination E - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination G - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination H - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination J - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination K - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination L - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination M - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination P - 240 Tablets
New Era Combination R - 240 Tablets

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What are New Era tissue salts used for?

There are eighteen combination mineral cell salt and twelve single mineral cell salt formulations in the range, all with notable distinctions for our health and well-being. In addition, biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair & skin and the normal functions of the nervous system, metabolism and the mucous membranes.

How did the New Era brand start?

Following on from the work of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler in the late 19th century, the brand launched their first tissue salt product, "Elasto", for tired and aching legs to UK buyers in 1923. By 1927 they had grown their product range to include twelve single mineral cell salts, which were later followed with a vast collection of combination salts that were specifically formulated to meet the specific needs of their customers. This provided their growing consumer base with a suitable alternative to making their own home-made mixtures of tissue salts. British interest in single and combination tissue salts grew substantially in the late 1990’s, where it peaked in the UK. Unfortunately the New Era business changed hands and entered a period of steady decline. In 2013 the brand’s owners chose to exit the UK market due to financial reasons, and sold the business to its Italian distributors. Fast forward to today, and despite all of the brand's ups and downs within their niche market, New Era is now back in the UK due to popular demand.

What makes their products stand out?

They still contain the original precisely diluted and finely ground cell tissue salts that are manufactured in a traditional patented manner that is unique to the Brand. Each tablet contains the original New Era Cell or Tissue salts with which it has always been associated in the UK since the early 1900's and is still produced by Schuessler's formula.


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