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Natures Own
Natures Own

Zinc is a vital trace mineral found throughout all tissues in the body. As your body cannot store zinc and it has a high turnover rate, maintaining a consistent intake is important.

What are its Functions?

Zinc plays a key role in healthy growth and human development. It's vital for a robust immune system and is instrumental in maintaining blood sugar balance through insulin. It aids in preserving healthy liver function, supports digestion, and assists in the proper metabolism of carbohydrates. It's also involved in maintaining a healthy nervous system and supports the health of reproductive organs, the prostate gland, and the quality of semen.

Why might you Consider Supplementing with Zinc/Copper?

Zinc levels in vegetables might be low due to soil deficiencies, and food processing can further reduce zinc content. A high-fibre diet can inhibit zinc absorption as fibre binds with zinc and removes it before it can be absorbed. If your diet includes a high consumption of tea, coffee, and/or alcohol, zinc can be eliminated from the body. For those who are physically active and sweat a lot, you could lose up to 3mg of zinc per day through sweating.

Directions of Use

Take 1 tablet daily as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner.


Inactivated lactobacillus bulgaricus combined with zinc citrate and copper sulphate, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid.

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