Love CBD 800mg Entourage CBD Oil Spray 20ml

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Love CBD Entourage Spray


Love CBD 800mg Entourage CBD Oil Spray is a unique liquid Food Supplement containing a full array of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDA and CBG. It also contains a large number of terpenes - the Essential Oil like compounds that cause the famous cannabis aroma.

  • 20ml.
  • 800mg.
  • Liquid food supplement.
  • Vegan & lactose friendly.
  • Contains olive oil & cannabis extract.
  • Includes a full array of cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBDA & CBG.
  • May relieve the syptoms of pain, insomnia, anxiety & mood swings.
  • Easy to use & guaranteed less mess when compared to other brands of CBD sprays & droppers.


It is suggested that you use 1 spray of Love CBD 800mg Entourage CBD Oil under the tongue daily, and ideally with food.

Is Love CBD Entourage Spray legal?

Yes! Love CBD Entourage CBD Oil Spray contains a unique mixture of only the finest legal cannabis strains from Hemp flowers grown legally on farms in the European Union. Hemp is legal to buy throughout the European Union, however in other parts of the world the law can be less liberal so for that reason, this product cannot be sold outside of the EU.

Over the course of 3 years Love CBD have been mixing countless cannabis oils in an effort to produce the perfect product. The strains found in this product have been specifically selected for their diverse cannabinoid content.

Where do Love CBD source their cannabis extracts from?

At present, the cannabis extract in Love CBD comes from cannabis grown in the Ukraine, Holland and the Czech Republic.

And is this cannabis content extracted without the use of solvents?

Yes! Love CBD use CO2 Extraction, which is considered the safest method of extraction. With CO2 extraction, warm air is passed over the cannabis flowers until the cannabinoid oils are released.

Can Love CBD Entourage CBD Oil Spray be vaporized?

No! Love CBD Entourage CBD Oil Spray is intended for oral use only.

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