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Lamberts Skin, Hair, Nails Supplements

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Lamberts Products: Skin, Hair and Nails

The skin covers nearly two square metres of the body for an average adult and accounts for 16% of body weight and Lamberts Skin, Hair and Nails products are designed to help form the inside. These products are designed to help skin, hair and nail health.

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Lamberts Biotin 500mcg - 90

Lamberts Biotin 500mcg - 90£8.95

Plays an important role in the release of energy from food. For healthy hair and nails.

Lamberts Colladeen Derma Plus (60)

Lamberts Colladeen Derma Plus (60)£19.95

Colladeen Derma Plus - factor 10 sun protection and anti-ageing skin formula.

Lamberts Colladeen Maximum Strength (60)

Lamberts Colladeen Maximum Strength (60)£17.95

For sports-injuries, chronic fatigue, those at risk from heart disease

Lamberts Florisene - tabs

Lamberts Florisene - tabsFrom:  £19.50

Lamberts Florisene For Women, Uses is formulated to help the treatment of hair loss in women

Lamberts Iodine 150mcg (Kelp Extract) - 180

Lamberts Iodine 150mcg (Kelp Extract) - 180£7.50

Lamberts Iodine 150mcg.: help for thyroid, metabolism and an aid for growth and development of skin health.

Lamberts Iron 14mg (As Citrate) (100)

Lamberts Iron 14mg (As Citrate) (100)£7.50

Lamberts Iron 14mg (as citrate) acts with protein and copper to make haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells.  Good for women of childbearing age.

Lamberts L-Lysine 500mg (90)

Lamberts L-Lysine 500mg (90)£10.95

Lamberts L-Lysine is an essential amino acid health supplement helpful in controlling herpes simplex-related infections, which is the virus that causes cold sores.

Lamberts Maxi-Hair (60)

Lamberts Maxi-Hair (60)£14.25

Lamberts Maxi-Hair is an all round  multivitamin health supplement AND for healthy hair. Ideal for those with diets not be providing adequate vitamins and minerals. 

Lamberts Methyl B Complex (60)

Lamberts Methyl B Complex (60)£15.50

Lamberts Methyl B Complex is a superior and comprehensive B Complex supplement.

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control (120)

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control (120)£23.95

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control. High Potency multivitamin and mineral formula health supplement. Also helps to reduce appetite between meals.

Lamberts Natural VIT E 250iu (100)

Lamberts Natural VIT E 250iu (100)£13.95

Lamberts Natural VIT E 250iu supplies vitamin E in its natural form of d-alpha tocopherol, as it has a higher biological activity, and is absorbed and retained more readily.

Lamberts Omega 3 Ultra (60)

Lamberts Omega 3 Ultra (60)£21.95

Pure Fish Oil 1300mg. Omega 3 ultra provides a full 1040mg omega 3 fatty acids per capsule, including 715mg of EPA and 286mg of DHA.

Lamberts Pure Fish Oil 1100mg - caps

Lamberts Pure Fish Oil 1100mg - capsFrom:  £12.95

High potency Omega formula. Best seller. 
Lamberts Silica 200mg (90)

Lamberts Silica 200mg (90)£11.95

Lamberts Silica is an health supplement designed to maintain quality of hair, nails and connective tissues such as the skin.

Lamberts Silica Complete (60)

Lamberts Silica Complete (60)£13.95

Silica 200mg and MSM 300mg - This unique formula is probably the most comprehensive supplement for Hair, Skin and Nails available.

Lamberts Vitamin B-50 Complex - tabs

Lamberts Vitamin B-50 Complex - tabsFrom:  £10.95

Lamberts Vitamin B-50 Complex. Most practitioners prefer a B Complex (either on its own or in combination with some of the single B vitamins) when supplementation is long-term.

Lamberts Vitamin C Time Release 1000mg

Lamberts Vitamin C Time Release 1000mgFrom:  £7.95

Vitamin C health supplement with Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips are specially formulated to release the vitamin C over 6-8 hours for a more stable level of vitamin C.

Lamberts Zinc 25mg (as Citrate) (120)

Lamberts Zinc 25mg (as Citrate) (120)£8.95

Lambertså Zinc 25mg is an ideal supplement for long term use and the citrate form of zinc is known to be readily absorbed.


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Skin contains sweat glands, hair, sebaceous glands, blood vessels and nerves with 7,500 sensory cells at their ends . . . and we are constantly shedding it. sometimes this causes itchy skin that is dry, flakes, and sometimes forms blisters.

Oily skin can give rise to blocked pores and acne and there are many other complaints including psoriasis and rosacea. Real skin health comes from within and much can be done to help with all these complaints. So here’s some of the very best of Lamberts products for healthy skin.

For hair health, Lamberts Florisene contains all the ingredients your hair needs but this is also taken in tablet form.

Other products like Lamberts Silica Complete will look after your nails. have a look through and decide which is best for you.

Read useful health articles about skin care here.

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