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Lamberts Digestive Aids

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 Lamberts digestive supplement range includes the highest quality probiotics that really do meet the claims on the label and some of the best herbs for digestive well-being and FOS from one of the worlds leading suppliers. FOS is a prebiotic fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your gut, allowing probiotics to combat bad bacteria.

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Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 10 - caps

Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 10 - capsFrom:  £11.95

Our most popular and powerful probiotic.

Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 4 - caps

Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 4 - capsFrom:  £8.95


Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 4 is a probiotic supplement to fight bad gut bacteria with the same level of live bacteria as 8 full pots of a leading supermarket bio-yoghurt.

Lamberts Aloe Vera 10,000mg (90)

Lamberts Aloe Vera 10,000mg (90)£9.95

Lamberts Aloe Vera 10,000mg, Uses: 10,000mg Aloe Vera Extract equivalent to 50mg of a 200:1 extract)

Lamberts Artichoke Extract 8000mg (180)

Lamberts Artichoke Extract 8000mg (180)£15.95

Lamberts Artichoke Extract 8000mg (Ibisene), Uses: helpful in alleviating the symptoms of irritable bowel, flatulence,abdominal pain, bloating and dyspepsia.

Lamberts Betaine HCl 324mg/PEPSIN 5mg (180)

Lamberts Betaine HCl 324mg/PEPSIN 5mg (180)£14.95

Lamberts Betaine HCl - health supplement that helps the body to digest protein & acidify the stomach and therefore helps effective digestion.

Lamberts Bromelain1000GDU - 60

Lamberts Bromelain1000GDU - 60£15.95

Aids digestion of fatty or high-protein meals.and inhibits inflammation and pain.

Lamberts Candaway - 60

Lamberts Candaway - 60£15.95

Lamberts Candaway is a high potency health supplement designed to maintain healthy digestion. It includes cinnamon bark,olive leaf, fennel seed and cardamom oil.

Lamberts Curcumin Ultra (60)

Lamberts Curcumin Ultra (60)£37.50

Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory supplement.
Lamberts Digestizyme - 100 caps

Lamberts Digestizyme - 100 caps£15.95

Lamberts Digestizyme. Breaks down and digest protein, fat and carbohydrate.

Lamberts Fast Release Turmeric

Lamberts Fast Release TurmericFrom:  £13.95

Providing 95% curcuminoids

Lamberts FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) - 500g

Lamberts FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) - 500g£16.95

Formerly called Eliminex®. Lamberts FOS A natural Prebiotic that encourages the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel.

Lamberts Ginger 12,000mg - 60

Lamberts Ginger 12,000mg - 60£9.95

Lamberts high strength ginger concentrated standardised extract, for digestive and nausea, joint care.

Lamberts L-Glutamine - 500mg (90)

Lamberts L-Glutamine - 500mg (90)£14.25

Lamberts L-Glutamine, Uses: help for leaky gut syndrome, poor gut function and required by the body in periods of ill health.

Lamberts L-Glutamine - 500mg Powder

Lamberts L-Glutamine - 500mg Powder£32.95

Glutamine is particularly important for the health of the gut with the cells of the gut lining obtaining much of their growth material through utilising glutamine as a fuel.

lamberts Lactase Complex Super Strength 350mg (60)

lamberts Lactase Complex Super Strength 350mg (60)£12.95

Lactase is a digestive enzyme required for the breakdown of the milk sugar lactose.

Lamberts Peppermint Oil (90)

Lamberts Peppermint Oil (90)£7.50

Lamberts Peppermint OIL 100mg is a high strength natural peppermint oil digestive aid distilled from mint. It calms intestinal muscle spasms that cause abdominal pain.

Lamberts Probioguard - 60

Lamberts Probioguard - 60£19.95

Lamberts Probioguard - 4 strains of friendly bacteria, specially selected for travelling, for after antibiotics and for bloating and digestive disturbances.

Lamberts Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Boulardii 300mg (30)

Lamberts Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Boulardii 300mg (30)£12.95

This probiotic yeast maintains and restore the flora in the intestines, Recommended by practitioners.

Lamberts Turmeric 10,000mg

Lamberts Turmeric 10,000mgFrom:  £22.95

Lamberts Turmeric 10,000mg is an anti-inflammatory that helps relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and other causes of inflammation


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items

Unless the digestive system is operating efficiently, good health is unlikely, regardless of how healthy your diet. First, enzymes must efficiently break down food into its component molecules so that it can be absorbed in the small intestine. This is essential if vital nutrients are to be released and used by the body. These nutrients have then be absorbed and this can be quite a complex process, which transports the nutrient molecules across the gut wall. Food not digested properly passes into the large bowel where it is fermented by bacteria causing wind and bloating. 

Lamberts Digestive supplements Quality

Lamberts has developed a range of Digestive supplements to scope with the enormous variations in dietary composition as well as disruption that might be caused by lifestyle changes, illness and the process of ageing.Lamberts Digestive aid labels are an honest representation of what is in the product. No inactive ingredients and in the best possible form.

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