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Lamberts Chromium Supplements

Chromium is called an "essential trace element" because only small amounts of chromium are necessary for human health. 

Chromium is taken to improve blood sugar control in people with prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and high blood sugar due to taking steroids and HIV treatments.

It is also taken by mouth for depression, Turner's syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), lowering "bad" cholesterol, raising "good" cholesterol in people taking heart medications called beta blockers, obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart attack, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, binge eating disorder, and a disease called reactive hypoglycemia.

Some people take chromium for weight loss, increasing muscle, and decreasing body fat and to improve athletic performance, to increase energy, and to prevent age-related mental decline.

Chromium in Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) form is the best known of all blood sugar control nutrients and is frequently suggested by practitioners for those with food cravings (pre-menstrual and non-cyclical) and Syndrome X, and as support for Candida albicans sufferers.

Lamberts Healthcare supply Lamberts GTF chromium Supplement on its own as well as in a complex alongside other nutrients relevant for helping maintain normal blood sugar levels.

We recommend Lamberts Chromium Mineral Supplement products because

  • Lamberts are the UK's leader in top quality minerals, vitamins & supplements
  • Lamberts chromium mineral supplements are based on sound science and Lamberts only design and manufacture products that are at the correct potency and are scientifically proven.
  • Lamberts is the UK's leading supplier of specialist supplements to Practitioners.
  • All Lamberts Chromium mineral products are of outstanding quality and potency
  • Lamberts operate to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as laid down by the UK Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

You can be confident that you can use Lamberts chromium mineral products knowing that they are endorsed by professionals in healthcare.

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Lamberts Chromium Complex (60)

Lamberts Chromium Complex (60)£11.87

Lamberts Chromium Complex is a one-a-day formula health supplement with those nutrients required to help maintain normal blood sugar (glucose) levels. 

Lamberts GTF Chromium 200mcg (100)

Lamberts GTF Chromium 200mcg (100)£11.87

Lamberts GTF Chromium assists insulin in enabling the cells to take up glucose for energy release, and synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control (120)

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control (120)£25.87

Lamberts Multi-Guard Control. High Potency multivitamin and mineral formula health supplement. Also helps to reduce appetite between meals.

Lamberts Premtesse (60)

Lamberts Premtesse (60)£11.83

Lamberts Premtesse is a high strength multi-nutrient for women of menstruating age for adverse premenstrual symptoms and for other female disorders.

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items
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