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Lamberts authorised e-stockist

About Lamberts Healthcare E-stockists is an Lamberts Approved Retailer for their healthcare supplements. It is important that you buy from an authorised retailer 

The details below are supplied by Lamberts but we think it is important that we give our view about our experiences with Lamberts. 

We decide on the brands we stock based on a number of factors. First the quality of the product. it is vital that the ingredients are of the highest possible quality and that the manufacturing process ensures the maximum amount of nutrients are passed through to the eventual product.

We take a great deal of comfort from knowing that Lamberts Healthcare supplements are one of the main choices of healthcare professionals for the clients and patients because the quality is so high. That is why they are said to be of professional quality.

But for us, it is also important that there services to us is top notch. There supply of products is very speedy to that even when we are out of stock we can quickly replenish supplies. That Lamberts sell so many of their supplements also ensures that the sell by goods are always excellent.

Because we are an Lamberts Approved Retailer we are in the best position possible to be kept informed of developments, new products and formulation changes and they ensure that our staff are well versed in their products. Whenever we have customer queries however, we always ensure that we refer to the Lamberts clinical team before we provide an answer.

In short, therefore, we find Lamberts Healthcare to be an exceptionally innovative high quality brand and with whom we are proud to work.

Amongst their most popular products are:

Lamberts High Strength Pure Fish Oil, Lamberts Acidophilus Extra 10 , Lamberts CoEnzyme Q 10Lamberts Colladeen Derma PlusLamberts Glucosamine & Chondroitin ComplexLamberts Glucosamine Complete Lamberts Magasorb, and Lamberts MultiGuard Advance  although these are but a few of a large and diverse range of health supplement products that you can find here.

When you should NOT buy Lamberts Healthcare products

You should always be careful of any product you intend to put into your body. Vanderbell Health is a Lamberts Approved supplier. This is important because it means that you can rely on the fact that supplements are sourced direct from Lamberts, are stored in proper conditions, well within "best before" dates and genuine. Beware Lamberts products sold by retailers who do not show that they are approved. It means they do not source their goods from Lamberts and the goods may not be genuine or might be old, bankrupt stock. Note: Lamberts DO NOT allow their products to be sold on eBay or Amazon and any you may find there are NOT supplied by Lamberts.



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