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Jan De Vries

The No.1 Choice for Natural & Organic Remedies

Jan de Vries Healthcare is an independent family run company with proud business values of restoring good health, which date as far back as 1955. Not only do they offer expert advice in the field of general health & wellbeing, they also produce a wide range of natural health products that cater for a range of different lifestyles and requirements.

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Jan de Vries Bowel Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Child Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Craving Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Female Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Mood Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Night Essence Tincture 30ml
Jan de Vries Relaxing Essence Tincture 30ml

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Who is Jan de Vries, and how did the brand start?

He was the founder of the business, who unfortunately passed away back in 2015. As one of the most eminent naturopaths of his generation, Dr Jan de Vries first graduated with studies in pharmacy, back in 1958 but always had an interest in the practice of alternative medicine. In 1960 his fascination with all things herbalism and homoeopathy truly spiked after a chance meeting Alfred Vogel (the founder or A.Vogel), who was treating his own patients in a Switzerland clinic with herbal remedies. Like Alfred, Jan de Vries was committed to helping his patients and changing the lives of many. He gained invaluable knowledge through his work with Alfred Vogel, and after completing his travels, returned to his native Netherlands to open his first clinic with Alfred, where he began using his highly-prized herbal remedies. Jan moved to Scotland in 1971 to set up a residential clinic in the small seaside town of Troon, a location where the brand still operates from today. He helped countless Scottish natives improve their health at this clinic, and also went on to impart his knowledge of natural medicine locally in the role of an insightful lecturer. Two years after he passed away, in 2017, it was estimated that the Jan de Vries brand made annual sales of over three and a half million pounds.

What do they produce?

They produce a selection of natural remedies, from specially selected flowers, fruits and herbs, which may help with a variety of health and wellbeing issues. These flower essence tinctures have been formulated to alleviate symptoms caused by the stresses of modern day lives, such as negative mood, by influencing positive feelings that may bring about a sense of contentment in those people who take them.

What makes Jan de Vries stand out?

They have an underlying belief that nature is able to help us restore and maintain good health, and many of the tools we need lie within our own hands. Their herbal remedies are prepared by experts, who are more than knowledgeable, with a true understanding of how natural products can be incorporated into our everyday lives.