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Jan de Vries Hawthorn Garlic Complex 90 Capsules

A Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Description

How does Hawthorn-Garlic Complex work?

• Lowers blood cholesterol levels
• Reduces platelet aggregation
• Vasodilator
• Antioxidant

Garlic has now been shown to have a significant action in lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. At the same time, it reduces the level of low density lipoproteins (LDL) while increasing the levels of high density lipoproteins (HDL).

It is now recognised that the ratio of HDL to LDL is a very significant factor in arterial disease. LDL carries cholesterol to the tissues whereas HDL carries cholesterol back to the liver for metabolism and excretion.

The relative amounts of HDL to LDL can thus determine whether cholesterol is broken down by the liver or deposited in tissues. As the HDL to LDL ratio increases, platelet aggregation and plasma viscosity decrease, leading to improved blood flow and a reduced tendency for clot formation.

Garlic is also known to lower blood pressure and possesses antioxidant activity, protecting cell membranes from being damaged by free radicals. Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant which supports the action of Garlic.

Hawthorn contains procyanidins which increase blood flow to the muscles of the heart and the extremities of the body through relaxation of the muscles in the wall of the arteries and arterioles. These substances also strengthen and stabilise the blood vessels, helping to prevent destructive changes taking place.

Passiflora has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

A.Vogel (Bioforce) Hawthorn-Garlic Complex

• Conditions associated with arteriosclerosis
• Angina
• Intermittent claudication
• High cholesterol levels
• Mild hypertension

Alfred Vogel prized both Hawthorn and Garlic highly and wrote extensively about both herbs. Garlic’s usefulness has been catalogued back to antiquity and it is combined here with the pulp from the deep red fruit of the Hawthorn, one of the most familiar of hedgerow berries, and the beautiful Passiflora plant.

Arteriosclerosis is commonly referred to as 'hardening of the arteries'. It Is a progressive condition which may be found in any artery although, most commonly, it is the circulation to the heart, the brain and the legs which are affected.

Arteriosclerosis starts with the deposition of fat and cholesterol in an artery. This initiates the formation of a 'plaque' which thickens the artery, giving rise to a loss of elasticity in the vessel wall and an increase in blood pressure. At the same time the blood vessels become narrowed, reducing blood flow to vital organs.

As the plaque increases in size, blood flow is reduced further and platelet clots may be formed.

Many of the major risk factors in arteriosclerosis - diet, stress, personality type, exercise and smoking are controllable.
A.Vogel (Bioforce) 100% Natural – 100% Reliable

At A.Vogel the cultivation and harvesting of herbal remedies as well as their production are transparent.

  • All plants are cultivated according to the strict guidelines of BIO-SUISSE, i.e. without synthetic fertiliser, insecticides, herbicides or pesticides.
  • Their plants are left to grow and mature until they reach their optimum potential.
  • One section of each crop is not harvested to allow the seeds to ripen, ensuring that they obtain their own seed stock.
  • All natural remedies are produced according to stringent GMP Guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) of the European and Swiss Medical Authorities.

A Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Ingredients

Each capsule contains fresh Swiss Garlic extract 150mg, extract of Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn) 33mg and extract of Passifloraincarnata*(Passiflora)18mg. Also contains refined rapeseed oil, distilled vegetable oil, glucose, beeswax, lecithin, lactose and silica. Capsule shell contains gelatine, glycerol, karion 83 (sorbitol, mannitol, starch), brown and red iron oxide.

A Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Dosage

Adults: 1-2 capsules twice daily

Children: This product is not recommended for children

A Vogel Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Warnings

  • Please seek medical advice if pregnant
  • Seek advice of a Healthcare Professional before using Hawthorn-Garlic Complex with existing medication
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children

Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries Hawthorn Garlic Complex 90 Capsules

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