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Iodine helps to make the thyroid hormones. These hormones help to keep cells and the metabolic rate healthy. More information below product listing.

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A.Vogel Kelp.

A.Vogel Kelp.£7.50

Contains iodine, supporting metabolism and normal thyroid function.

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BioCare Nutrisorb Liquid Iodine 15ml

BioCare Nutrisorb Liquid Iodine 15ml£10.25

Liquid iodine drops as bioavailable potassium iodide in a simple, hypoallergenic purified water base.

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Higher Nature Ocean Kelp Size 180

Higher Nature Ocean Kelp Size 180£7.55

Higher Nature Ocean Kelp is rich in natural Iodine to maintain healthy thyroid function, plus trace minerals, & is sourced from clean ocean water that is pollutant screened.

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Lamberts Iodine 150mcg (Kelp Extract) - 180

Lamberts Iodine 150mcg (Kelp Extract) - 180£6.95

Lamberts Iodine 150mcg.: help for thyroid, metabolism and an aid for growth and development of skin health.

Thorne Research Iodine & Tyrosine

Thorne Research Iodine & Tyrosine£32.55

Thyroid Support to aid cognitive function, skin & nervous system. 


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items