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Hot Flushes

See all supplement products designed to help deal with the symptoms of PMS

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A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets.

A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets.From:  £15.39

Treats some of the most common and troublesome symptoms of the menopause.

A.Vogel Menosan - Health Supplement

A.Vogel Menosan - Health SupplementFrom:  £11.55

A.Vogel Menosan Sage Tincture contains organically grown sage and helps women go through a healthy menopause

A.Vogel Menosan Menopause Support.

A.Vogel Menosan Menopause Support.£16.49

Menopause Support health Supplement

BioCare Evening Primrose oil - 30

BioCare Evening Primrose oil - 30£6.80

BioCare Evening Primrose oil is involved in the formation of healthy cell membranes & to support skin & nerve function

Higher Nature Starflower Oil

Higher Nature Starflower OilFrom:  £9.02

Higher Nature Starflower Oil health supplement has almost three times more GLA than the same amount of Evening Primrose Oil.

Lamberts Fema45+ (180)

Lamberts Fema45+ (180)£32.35

Lamberts FEMA45+ Health supplement. 28 nutrients including trace minerals and antioxidants formulated specially for women during and after the menopause.

Solgar Botanical Female Health Complex

Solgar Botanical Female Health Complex£28.07

To help relieve menopausal symptoms.

Solgar Phytosterol Complex Softgels (100)

Solgar Phytosterol Complex Softgels (100)£22.41

Help reduce the production and absorption of 'bad' cholesterol.

Viridian Organic Red Clover 450mg 60 Capsules

Viridian Organic Red Clover 450mg 60 Capsules£15.12

Helps combat the symptoms of menopause including hot fushes & night sweats.

Viridian Organic Red Clover Tincture 50ml

Viridian Organic Red Clover Tincture 50ml£10.26

May significantly reduce hot flashes in menopausal women.

Viridian Organic Sage Leaf 400mg Capsules

Viridian Organic Sage Leaf 400mg CapsulesFrom:  £8.21

Helps alleviate hot flushes & excessive heat from the body.

Viridian Sage Extract 600mg Capsules

Viridian Sage Extract 600mg CapsulesFrom:  £11.50

Digestive problems and hot flashes during menopause.

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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