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Higher Nature don’t settle for anything other than the best in designing their health supplements. Over 85% of Higher Nature supplements are vegetarian and the levels of active ingredients are often above the amounts true for other brands of health supplement. What's more they are ethically sourced with full traceability, free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners, using stevia where possible.

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Higher Nature Probio-Daily

Higher Nature Probio-DailyFrom:  £4.70

Higher Nature Probio-Intensive caps

Higher Nature Probio-Intensive capsFrom:  £9.75

Higher Nature Red Sterol Complex

Higher Nature Red Sterol ComplexFrom:  £7.85

Higher Nature Rest Well

Higher Nature Rest Well£9.99

Higher Nature Sea Calcium

Higher Nature Sea Calcium£10.70

Higher Nature Selenium 200µg

Higher Nature Selenium 200µg£10.80

Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 100mg

Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 100mgFrom:  £12.10

Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 50mg

Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 50mgFrom:  £8.00

Higher Nature Starflower Oil

Higher Nature Starflower OilFrom:  £8.35

Higher Nature Super Antioxidant Protection

Higher Nature Super Antioxidant ProtectionFrom:  £20.90

Higher Nature Super calcium (90)

Higher Nature Super calcium (90)£10.70

Higher Nature Super Magnesium

Higher Nature Super MagnesiumFrom:  £8.50

Higher Nature Super OsteoFood

Higher Nature Super OsteoFood£11.50

Higher Nature Super Potency Fish Oil

Higher Nature Super Potency Fish OilFrom:  £13.00

Higher Nature Supergar 8000

Higher Nature Supergar 8000£18.85

Higher Nature Supergest

Higher Nature SupergestFrom:  £6.65

Higher Nature SuperPhyte

Higher Nature SuperPhyteFrom:  £12.65

Higher Nature Sx

Higher Nature SxFrom:  £19.55

Higher Nature Theanine

Higher Nature TheanineFrom:  £8.55

Higher Nature Thyroid Support Formula

Higher Nature Thyroid Support Formula£14.70

Higher Nature Time Release Ginger

Higher Nature Time Release Ginger£12.55

Higher Nature TMG 90 Caps

Higher Nature TMG 90 Caps£15.65

Higher Nature True Food All Man

Higher Nature True Food All ManFrom:  £9.85

Higher Nature True Food Calcium & Magnesium

Higher Nature True Food Calcium & MagnesiumFrom:  £12.95

Higher Nature True Food Easy Iron (90)

Higher Nature True Food Easy Iron (90)£8.90

Higher Nature True Food GTF Chromium (90)

Higher Nature True Food GTF Chromium (90)£13.95

Higher Nature True Food Selenium

Higher Nature True Food Selenium£9.95

Higher Nature True Food Wise Woman

Higher Nature True Food Wise WomanFrom:  £9.85

Higher Nature Ultimate Aloe Skin Gel

Higher Nature Ultimate Aloe Skin GelFrom:  £15.90

Higher Nature Ultra C Plus

Higher Nature Ultra C Plus£19.45

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Page 4 of 5:    134 Items

Higher Nature is a British, independently owned company proud of the quality of their supplements and committed to product development.

About Higher Nature

You should only buy Higher Nature products are supplied direct to us from Higher Nature. Why this is important.

Higher Nature health supplements, vitamins and minerals are of the highest quality. A UK supplement company, the complete range is available here at This page tells you about Higher Nature's principles, mission and innovation of the company

Higher Nature is a company that was founded on a set of principles and a vision to provide high quality, well-researched nutritional products. This British, independently owned business was the brainchild of pioneering nutrition experts, Brian and Celia Wright, who wanted to make a significant contribution to the health of those using their supplements, through active ingredients at levels dictated by scientific evidence on safety and effectiveness. They would not market a product, even a bestseller, if they were not convinced that it was beneficial to health.

In today’s age of ever-increasing competition and following the sad loss of co-founder Celia Wright in February 2009, it would be very easy to abandon those values, but not Higher Nature. The company continues with the same inspiration, principles and dedication to health.

David Coulson joined the company as both new CEO and investor in December 2010, marking the start of the next stage in the journey.

The Higher Nature Mission

Higher Nature is committed to providing our customers with the best, natural and most effective supplements for optimum health and to supplying these to the highest standards of service possible. The Company aims to make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of those who use our supplements, to support retail health stores and health professionals, and to run a healthy and happy, equal opportunity business with satisfied employees and shareholders. We also aim to educate and affect attitudes about nutrition and health more widely.

Higher Nature Innovation

There is no doubt that companies and practitioners in the health food sector have faced difficult trading conditions in recent years, and Higher Nature is no exception. However, the company has by no means stood still during this time and has continued to innovate and invest.

Product development has taken place, with several new launches in the last few years. We have also developed our online capabilities and in 2010 launched, a fantastic source of free nutrition advice which acts as an education academy for consumers, trade and practitioners. It works as an independent health guide, allowing people to search for information about health conditions and nutrients, and to seek professional advice where necessary. Higher Nature has a team of fully-qualified nutritionists and other experts in the field, who pull the information together using their specialist knowledge. In 2013 we launched The Higher Nature Academy an online educational tool to help anyone with an interest in nutrition. In 2014 we launched our new responsive websites to make it easier to view and order our products regardless of the device being used.

An Ambitious Future for Higher Nature

We remain privately owned, we are investing in the business, and have plans in place to develop our premium brand within supplements and foods and to increase retail distribution to reach a wider consumer audience - in short there are plenty of great opportunities ahead and we are ambitious and optimistic about the future.

At the centre of this is our loyal, knowledgeable customer base, which is why our focus on customer service will remain as high as our focus on providing unique, ethical and effective supplements under the Higher Nature brand.

Effective Higher Nature Nature supplement quality

Higher Nature provide us (and therefore you) with great service and the best quality and most effective natural supplements possible. Higher Nature research all ingredients rigorously so you don’t have to. When you choose Higher Nature supplements, you can be confident that you are buying very high quality supplements.

All Higher nature supplements are potent, effective and well-absorbed and the specification is higher than pharmaceutical grade, certified non GM, largely plant based, non irradiated and pesticide free. 

Detailed allergen information is available for all Higher Nature supplements, vitamins and minerals. Animal testing is not carried out by Higher Nature or their suppliers and all products are Good manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant. Higher nature supplements are also packaged in a recyclable way.

Higher Nature products include the famous Higher Nature True Food range and specifically True Food Wise Woman, a complete spectrum of food-based essential vitamins & minerals, and True Food All Man supplement products, a similarly complete spectrum vitamins & minerals, provides key Antioxidants, brain foods, amino acids & other nutrients for men

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