Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 50mg Capsules

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Higher Nature
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Higher Nature has long been one of the most popular UK supplement brands. Read more about Higher Nature here.
Higher Nature

Higher Nature Serotone 5HTP 50mg 

As a precursor to feel-good neurotransmitters, this unique 5-HTP supplement with additional B vitamins can be taken to support mental health and normal psychological function.

Serotone 5HTP benefits:

  • Vegan.
  • Soya free.
  • Dairy free.
  • Wheat free.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Gluten free.
  • Provides a natural source of 5-HTP.
  • Sourced from the Griffonia Simplicifolia seed.
  • Contains added B vitamins & zinc to optimise 5-HTP metabolism. 

What is Serotone 5-HTP?

5-HTP is found naturally in the Griffonia simplicifolia seed which is a woody climbing shrub native to West Africa and Central Africa. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly too.

What are the benefits of 5-HTP?

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is a natural amino acid that helps support production of feel-good neurotransmitters and plays a role in a range of body functions from mental wellbeing to helping rest. This formula also provides Zinc and the B vitamins, essential co-factors, which are required by 5-HTP to make it more effective within the body.

Directions of Use
Take one capsule at the end of the day with a carbohydrate snack.
50mg 5-HTP, 1Vitamin B6, Zinc, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin.
  • If gastro-intestinal discomfort occurs, reduce intake.
  • Not advisable if pregnant or if taking anti-depressant medication.
  • Can cause drowsiness; do not drive or operate machinery if affected.
  • Consult your doctor if under medical supervision or taking prescribed medications.
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