Higher Nature Co-Enzyme Q10 - 30 Capsules

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Higher Nature
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Higher Nature has long been one of the most popular UK supplement brands. Read more about Higher Nature here.
Higher Nature

Higher Nature Co-Enzyme Q10 30 mg

A vegetarian and vegan supplement providing 30 mg Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) per tablet, which offers a convenient means of boosting your CoQ10 status.

  • Vegan.
  • Vegetarian.
  • May be taken with statin medication.
  • Free from soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy & sugar.
  • Offers antioxidant protection against free radical damage.
  • Helps maintain healthy CoQ10 levels which decline with age.

What are the benefits of taking coenzyme Q10?

CoQ10 is often thought of as a "spark-plug" generating energy production in every cell of the body. Particularly abundant in the organs that have a high energy requirement such as the heart, kidneys, liver and adrenal glands, CoQ10 also acts as an antioxidant, protecting our cells from free radicals (unstable oxygen molecules that can cause severe damage if left unchecked). Studies also suggest that CoQ10 may support exercise tolerance, increasing stamina.

Is 30 mg of CoQ10 enough?

It is recommended that healthy adults who wish to take CoQ10 supplements, such as Higher Nature's, should consider between 30 and 200 milligrams a day. This makes this particular product a great introductory supplement for those starting out on their CoQ10 journey.

Who should take CoQ10?

Unfortunately the natural production of CoQ10 diminishes as we age. Levels in the body may also be affected by certain medications, such as statins. With this in mind, this supplement may prove useful for older people who often suffer from low energy. It can also be taken alongside statin medication.

Directions of Use
Take between one to three tablets a day, with a meal. A daily multivitamin is also recommended.

One tablet typically provides

30 mg Co-Enzyme Q10.

  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Please note: product packaging received may vary from that shown.
  • Ensure the lid is tight and stored in a cool, dry, steam-free environment as damp conditions can affect the product quality.
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