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Higher Nature AEterna Gold Collagen Beauty capsules 90

Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Collagen Beauty Capsules

Collagen is a natural protein that gives our face structure. Fibres of collagen weave together to form a framework (matrix) in which new cells can grow. We lose up to 1.5% of collagen a year from age 30. Supplementing with collagen may firm and plump facial tissues, helping to smooth wrinkles.

This formula provides the highest concentration of pure marine (non-shark) collagen which is hydrolysed (broken-down) for easier and more rapid absorption of the key amino acids proline and hydroxyproline. It also contains Centella asiatica, which assists new collagen formation; Vitamin C which aids collagen synthesis and tissue renewal; together with MSM and other key nutrients for youthful skin. Best used with Æterna Gold Collagen Crème Serum.

  • Contains highest concentration, pure marine non-shark Collagen
  • Also contains MSM and other key skin nutrients
  • We lose up to 1.5% of collagen each year after 30
  • Specially formulated to deliver important skin nutrients
  • With zinc which helps maintain normal skin
  • Promotes young and healthy looking skin
  • Ideally used with Æterna Gold Collagen Crème Serum
  • May not be suitable for people with fish allergy
  • Contains carrageenan
  • Please note: product packaging received may vary from that shown

Encapsulated with these natural ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (carrageenan, pectin), vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, vegetable stearic acid.

Three capsules provide 1200mg marine collagen (non-shark), 150mg MSM, 90mg vitamin C, 75mg Aloe vera 200:1, 210mg Centella asiatica 4:1 extract, 30mg Chlorophyll, 30mg Horsetail, 3mg Zinc, 0.75mg Iron, 0.375mg Copper.

Suggested intake

Take 3 capsules before bed, with a glass of water.

Contains fish products so may not be suitable for people with a fish allergy. (Carrageenan)

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Higher Nature AEterna Gold Collagen Beauty capsules 90

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