Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Astaxanthin Capsules (30)

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Higher Nature has long been one of the most popular UK supplement brands. Read more about Higher Nature here.
Higher Nature

Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Astaxanthin

The ultimate skin protecting antioxidant. More powerful even than Vitamin E, it can help protect skin against harmful excess free radicals and UV light. In this way, it helps to delay the visible signs of premature ageing - for ‘timeless beauty’. Astaxanthin also enhances the antioxidant action of vitamins C and E, which have been shown to help guard against age-accelerating free radicals too. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules, which can severely damage skin cells. They are created as a normal part of metabolism, but also by pollution, smoking, alcohol, stress, sunlight, medicines, heavy metals and poor diet.

  • Astaxanthin - ultimate skin protecting antioxidant.
  • Helps delay visible signs of premature ageing.
  • Enhances antioxidant action of Vitamins C and E which guard against age-accelerating free radicals.
  • Easy to include into any beauty regime.
  • Ideal for when exposed to strong or prolonged sun.
  • Suitable for children and teens.
  • 4mg pure Astaxanthin per easy-swallow capsule.
  • Protected with antioxidant Vitamin E and darkened capsule.

AstaPure Timeless Beauty provides pure astaxanthin extracted from an unpolluted source of the aquatic plant Haematococcus pluvialis. The optimal daily intake of just 4 mg, as suggested by research, is easy to include into the beauty regime of even the busiest lifestyles.

Who can take Higher Nature Aeterna Gold Astaxanthin?

Ideal for children, teens and adults, when exposure to strong or prolonged sun is expected. Remember to pack a bottle on your winter-skiing and summer holidays. Available in small, easy-to-swallow, gelatine capsules, specially darkened to protect the astaxanthin. Also protected with the antioxidant vitamin E. Contains olive oil, which helps with absorption.

Directions of Use

Suggested intake:

Take 1 capsule a day, with a meal (adults and children over 4 years). Best absorbed when taken with a meal containing olive (or other vegetable) oil.


Encapsulated with these natural ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Natural Vitamin E, Black Iron Oxide.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Ensure the lid is tight and stored in a cool, dry, steam-free environment as damp conditions can affect the product quality.
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