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Healthpol Delacet Herbal Head Lice Solution - 110ml

Healthpol Delacet Herbal Head Lice Solution - 110ml

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Healthpol Delacet Herbal Head Lice Solution - Without doubt the most effective natural head lice product. No combing, no pain and no tears.

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Brand:  Healthpol
FORM (e.g. capsules):  Liquid

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Healthful Delacet Head Lice Solution

  • DELACET is a long awaited child-friendly "green" alternative formula, which puts parents in control and takes a lot of pain and frustration away all the goodness of nature at your disposal.
  • DELACET has been tested on volunteers by many health magazine editors and writers, who recommend Delacet to their readers.
  • DELACET has also been independently tested (with great results!) by the doctors at the clinic in Minnesota, USA.
  • Undisputably the most effective natural lice product - no combing, no pain and no tears
  • Delacet has been registered as a medical device and carries the CE mark

Tincture of Larkspur, Acetic Acid - AND NOTHING ELSE!

Acetic acid is the acid found in vinegar, and also in wine.  

Despite various insecticides based products and natural remedies available on the market head lice are a problem in many countries. The difficulty has always been to eliminate nits rather than head lice. Nits are eggs from which lice hatch in no time and perpetuate the problem. That is why on many products it says clearly that you have to repeat the treatment on various consecutive days. What it really means is that these products do not get rid of nits (eggs), which is absolutely vital in the treatment of head lice condition. Additionally, theories that you can repel head lice are highly controversial.

However DELACET is different.
Strong properties of its herbal contents kill head lice and nits with no harm to humans. Laboratory trials proved 100% mortality of head lice and their eggs after applying DELACET for 2 hours. As a matter of fact DELACET does not just eliminate head lice. It is designed to treat parasites and nits anywhere on human body (under arm pits and in the pubic area). The fact that one does not have to use a nit comb after treatment is another advantage. Manufactured for over 40 years this outstanding herbal product has a very long proven record of effectiveness. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives and has not been tested on animals. It is suitable for adults and children and all hair types.

DELACET is very simple to apply.
All you have to do is: wet dry hair generously with DELACET, cover with an old shower cap for 2 - 3 hours and then wash thoroughly in your favourite shampoo and detangle as usual. DELACET is also recommended for people with difficult to manage hair (Afro or dreadlocks), where combing is not possible or impractical. Due to its "watery" consistency DELACET penetrates hair quickly all the way to the scalp and later is very easily washed out. DELACET has been formulated to be a single treatment product, however in case of heavy infestation repeated application might be beneficial.

Next time you get head lice and nits - do not despair - just buy DELACET and experience the goodness of nature for yourself.

  • kills head lice and nits(eggs)
  • excellent scalp disinfectant and hair conditioner
  • 100% natural formula - no organophosphates
  • prepared from organically grown herbs
  • quick, simple and safe to use
  • registered as a medicinal product
  • patented formula and registered trademark
  • very long proven record of effectiveness
  • no application on many consecutive days required
  • no need to use a nit comb
  • excellent to use for Afro hair or dreadlocks
  • not tested on animals
  • shelf life - 3 yrs
  • competitive price
  • bottle and packaging fully recyclable
Please also note, that DELACET is packed in dark glass bottles, as it is more beneficial to store herbal products this way. After using fresh herbs, tinctures are the best way to preserve the goodness of herbs and are the most natural way of using herbal remedies.

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