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Lamberts Betasec Antioxidant (60)

Lamberts Betasec Antioxidant (60)£9.40   £5.64

Lamberts Betasec is an antioxidant health supplement that helps to protect the body against free radicals. Powerful plant materials in concentrated form.

Lamberts Calcium Pantothenate 500mg - 60

Lamberts Calcium Pantothenate 500mg - 60£9.95   £6.97

Lamberts Calcium Pantothenic is a vitamin B5 health supplement needed to produce cortisone to help the body cope with stress and inflammation.

Lamberts CoEnzyme Q 10 -100mg - 60 caps

Lamberts CoEnzyme Q 10 -100mg - 60 caps£29.55

Lamberts Co-enzyme Q10 100mg and 200mg, Uses: In heart & artery disease(weakened heart muscle, high blood pressure,angina), Circulation (e.g. Raynaud's disease), Gum disease

Lamberts EPO With Starflower Oil 1000mg - 90

Lamberts EPO With Starflower Oil 1000mg - 90£14.95   £10.47

Lamberts Evening Primrose Oil with Starflower Oil. Health supplement Providing a full 12% GLA for menopausal or menstruating women with concerns about skin condition.

Lamberts Fema45+ (180)

Lamberts Fema45+ (180)£29.95

Lamberts FEMA45+ Health supplement. 28 nutrients including trace minerals and antioxidants formulated specially for women during and after the menopause.

Lamberts Glucosamine - Vegetarian (750mg Of Glucosamine Hcl (120))

Lamberts Glucosamine - Vegetarian (750mg Of Glucosamine Hcl (120))£15.95   £11.17

Lamberts Vegetarian Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Uses: Joint supplement for vegetarians.

Lamberts Glucosamine QCV (120)

Lamberts Glucosamine QCV (120)£14.95   £10.47

Lamberts Glucosamine QCV, A unique bone health supplement providing 1000mg glucosamine sulphate with added advantage of cider vinegar and quercetin.

Lamberts Health Insurance Plus - tabs

Lamberts Health Insurance Plus - tabs£11.87  -  £31.35

Lamberts Health Insurance Plus, a great all round multivitamin and mineral health supplement, rich in antioxidants and a full 200mg of magnesium per two tablets.

Lamberts Horse Chestnut Complex (60)

Lamberts Horse Chestnut Complex (60)£11.95   £8.37

Lambertsĺ Horse Chestnut Complex is a unique formula that combines 4 herbs in just one tablet.

Lamberts L-Methionine 500mg (60)

Lamberts L-Methionine 500mg (60)£12.95   £9.07

Lamberts L-Methionine helps is an antioxidant that helps the breakdown of fats, detoxification of heavy metals, excretion of excess oestrogen & muscle function.

Lamberts Lecithin Capsules 1200mg - 120

Lamberts Lecithin Capsules 1200mg - 120£10.95   £7.67

Lamberts Lecithin Capsules - A cost effective way to take lecithin. Can be sprinkled on cereals, used to thicken sauces or simply eaten off the spoon.

Lamberts Magasorb 150mg

Lamberts Magasorb 150mg£6.27  -  £17.95

MagAsorb has superior absorption. Vital for bone health. Fights muscle cramps.

Lamberts Maxi-Hair (60)

Lamberts Maxi-Hair (60)£14.25   £9.98

Lamberts Maxi-Hair is an all round  multivitamin health supplement AND for healthy hair. Ideal for those with diets not be providing adequate vitamins and minerals. 

Lamberts Multi-Guard ADR (120)

Lamberts Multi-Guard ADR (120)£25.95

A Multi Vitamin and Mineral Formula With Herbs, CoQ10 and Taurine.

Lamberts Multiguard Osteoadvance 50+ (120)

Lamberts Multiguard Osteoadvance 50+ (120)£20.95

High potency multi for the over 50s.

Lamberts Nicotinamide (VIT B3) 250mg (100)

Lamberts Nicotinamide (VIT B3) 250mg (100)£8.95   £6.27

Lamberts Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) for healthy nervous and digestive systems, and healthy skin.

Lamberts Premtesse (60)

Lamberts Premtesse (60)£8.95   £6.27

Lamberts Premtesse is a high strength multi-nutrient for women of menstruating age for adverse premenstrual symptoms and for other female disorders.

Lamberts Refreshall - 120

Lamberts Refreshall - 120£16.95   £11.87

Lamberts Refreshall, Uses: preventative for age-related memory loss

Lamberts Super Greens Powder (200g)

Lamberts Super Greens Powder (200g)£9.95   £6.97

An exclusive blend of nutrient dense foods. Mango flavour.

Lamberts Vitamin B-100 Complex - tabs

Lamberts Vitamin B-100 Complex - tabs£11.87  -  £41.95

Lamberts Vitamin B-100 Complex. Most practitioners prefer a B Complex (either on its own or in combination with some of the single B vitamins) when supplementation is long-term.

Lamberts Vitamin B6 - 50mg - 100

Lamberts Vitamin B6 - 50mg - 100£6.50   £4.55

Lamberts Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 50mg is particularly favoured as a "B" supplement by women as a premenstrual supplement

Lamberts Vitamin C Time Release 1000mg

Lamberts Vitamin C Time Release 1000mg£5.57  -  £17.45

Vitamin C health supplement with Bioflavonoids and Rose Hips are specially formulated to release the vitamin C over 6-8 hours for a more stable level of vitamin C.

Lamberts Vitamin D3 4000iu (100µg) (120)

Lamberts Vitamin D3 4000iu (100µg) (120)£10.95   £7.67

Vitamin D3 at the correct strength.
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