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It is becoming more and more important to ensure that you get the right nutrients and at the correct amount in your diet, es especially at difficult times when the body needs all the help in can get in the fight against general illness and infection.


These provide all the nutrients you need including many that have a powerful influence on keeping your immune system healthy and able to fight infections.


Perhaps less well known is the effect that probiotics have on your gut health, leading to improved physical and mental health. 

Health Gut means healthy mind

If you weren’t aware of how complex the relationship between gut and brain health actually is, you’re in for a surprise.

The Corovirus pandemic has caused may people to be locked down without enough social contact thus often leading to depression and other mental health conditions. Gut health provides two-way communication between the brain and gut. In effect, a healthy gut helps to provide a healthy mind  . . . and a healthy gut requires millions of friendly bacteria to fight against the unfriendly ones. That's' where probiotics come in.

These health packs provide 2 products, firstly a multinutrient and secondly a probiotic. We have chosen only top professional brands and each of these packs will give you a 30% discount on the probiotics, making the overall price considerably less than were you to buy hem separately.

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Multivitamin and gut health Pack 1

Multivitamin and gut health Pack 1£28.90   £23.61

Multivitamin and gut health Pack 2

Multivitamin and gut health Pack 2£51.90   £41.92

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