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Frequently asked questions

Are all your products in stock

We try to ensure we are as fully stocked as possible. There may be times when we are waiting for stock from suppliers. If there is any significant delay in the dispatch of your goods we will notify you. You can always check on the progress of your order by going to your account. If you want to contact us do so on 020 8680 2888 or email us at quoting your order number
Can I order by telephone?

Yes. You can ring us on 020 8916 2111 and we will take your order but please note that we cannot accept PayPal for telephone orders, so make sure you have a credit or debit card handy when you ring.
Do the prices include VAT

Yes, the prices are inclusive of VAT, however if you live in an area outside the VAT zone, once you login to your account, the system will know you are outside the VAT area and the prices you will then see will be net (exclusive of VAT)
I am having trouble using the website. What do I do?

Initially, ring our office om 020 8916 2111 or email and we will orbably be able to advise you. In the event of an issue about the site that they cannot fix, they will advise the webmaster, who should be able to put it right almost immediately.
I am not happy about the product(s) I have received from you. What can I do?

We have a full refund and replacement policy. Please read the terms carefully and follow the instructions when your make your order.
I can't find the answer to my question. What do I do?

Click on "Contact Us" above and let us know what your question is. We'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. 
I have heard that there are some rules about privacy of information and "cookies" What are they?

The cookies that we use allow us to know who you are. We do not receive any personal information but it means that the system remembers you for example, when you out a product in your basket and then look for another then put that in your basket, it will remember that you now have 2 items in the basket.
I need advice about a product. How do I get it?

As you will appreciate, we are not able to answer personal health questions and you should consult your medical practitioner. However, if you concern is about the suitability of a product, having establsihed with your medical practitioner and health issues that may be relevant, we will ask the manufacturer if necessary before commenting to you. You can reach us by emailing us at or ringing us on 020 8680 2888

My discount coupon doesn't work.

  • You can only use one discount code per order. If you have 2 different codes you can apply one and see what your discount is and then apply the other and see if the discount is larger. If not, retype the first code. The system always accepts the last code applied.
  • If you have no items in your cart and you apply a discount code, it will be shown as invalid. This is because there are no products to apply it to. As soon as you add a product to your cart it will become valid.

If all else fails, contact us for advice at:

Non Delivery & SPECIAL Delivery Instructions


When you order, you may give us specific instructions as to delivery. Please note that many packages will not fit through letter boxes and so if you leave us special instructions, for example, "Please leave on doorstep" or "behind hedge" we will affix a label asking the delivery service to do that. BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK AS WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR NON-DELVERY AS WE CANNOT CONTROL THAT DELIVERY. IT MAY FOR EXAMPLE, BE STOLEN BEFORE YOU RETURN TO PICK IT UP.


If you have not given us specific instructions, delivery services should put a card through your letter box saying that they have attempted delivery and requesting you to arrange re-delivery or pick up. But in our experience the card is not always delivered as it should be by Royal Mail and we cannot be responsible for this. If you do not receive your delivery and the value was less than £100 you should contact your local sorting office. Ultimately, 99% of dispatches that cannot be delivered are returned to us after several weeks during which you can contact the sorting office. If you approach the sorting office and they do not have your package and it is subsequently returned to us, we will offer you a replacement or refund.

What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure means that, in order to complete a transaction you will have to provide your 3-D Secure password. We use this because there is no other security that stops a person who may have stolen you card from making a transaction. It is important that you enroll for this service or you will find it increasingly difficult to complete online shopping transactions. You will be given the opportunity to enroll when you make an order if you have not already done so. 
What types of payment do you accept?

You have several ways to pay for your orders. • Credit or debit card • Direct debit • Cheque • PayPal or bank transfer. If you use the bank transfer method we will give you information as to where to pay but you will have top make your own arrangements with your bank for the transfer. Your goods will not be dispatched until we receive payment.
When will my order be delivered?

We aim to dispatch orders the same or next day providing the items you ordered are in stock. These will usually arrive next day or day after in UK but may take longer if we are dispatching outside UK. Please do not hesitate to check your account to see what progress has been made before contacting us

Some of our most popular health supplements
Cleanmarine Krill Oil - 500mg - 60 Softgels

Cleanmarine Krill Oil - 500mg - 60 Softgels£22.99

Pristine Antarctic Krill superior Omega 3.
More Krill Oil
Good Health Naturally Serra Enzyme 80,000IU

Good Health Naturally Serra Enzyme 80,000IU£19.96

The "miracle enzyme". You must have a look!.
More Serrapeptase
BioCare Bio-acidophilus

BioCare Bio-acidophilus£23.95  -  £45.95

A high strength everyday probiotic capsule.
More probiotic products
Lamberts Curcumin Ultra (60)

Lamberts Curcumin Ultra (60)£37.50

Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory.
More Lamberts Products
Lamberts Pure Fish Oil 1100mg - caps

Lamberts Pure Fish Oil 1100mg - caps£11.95  -  £24.50

High potency Omega formula.
More Omega Oil products 
Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes 300mg 30ml

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes 300mg 30ml£59.99

Hemp Oil Liposomes are the best way to ensure that your body can absorb the cannabinoids in our hemp oil.

Salvestrol Shield Capsules

Salvestrol Shield Capsules£13.50  -  £25.95

Powerful natural defence.
More immune health products
CannabiGold CBD Oil Classic (10G)

CannabiGold CBD Oil Classic (10G)£29.99

Top-quality gold CO2 hemp extract rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Most popular brands
Biocare Health Supplements Lamberts Healthcare Supplements Solgar Health Supplements Higher Nature Health Supplements

Nutri Advanced Health Supplements Rio Amazon Health Supplements A. Vogel Natural Herbal Remedies Viridian Health Supplements
nutri-advanced rio-amazon a-vogel

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 Omega Oils

Only buy top quality probiotics to boost your gut health. Go here. Let experts decide how much of which nutrient you need. Go here. The "miracle enzyme" that gets rid of inflammation. Go here. Fish, flax and krill oil omegas for adults and kids. Go here.


Health4youonline is part of Vanderbell Publishing Limited. Based in the UK, for over 16 years we have provided top quality nutritional health supplements to customers worldwide and practitioners in the UK.

We concentrate on leading brands, often those recommended to clients by health practitioners and go through a rigorous process before including any brands on ouse site. You will find, we hope, our staff friendly and helpful when dealing with you and very accessible by phone. Colleagues are fully trained to cover all aspects of your order and our dispatch services, so you will never get passed around from one person to another before you get to speak to the right person. We like to do things 'the old way' but with the help of bang up to date technology.  No call centres: Health4youonline staff  will take your order when you ring and if they are all busy, one of them will ring you back. 

New Products
Canabidol CBD Cacao-Tabs 10 Gelcaps

Canabidol CBD Cacao-Tabs 10 Gelcaps£17.99  -  £21.99

Under the tongue for maximum absorption.

Canabidol CBD Gel-Tabs 10 Gelcaps

Canabidol CBD Gel-Tabs 10 Gelcaps£17.99  -  £69.99

Sublibgual capsules for maximum absorption.

Canabidol CBD Oil Dropper 10ml

Canabidol CBD Oil Dropper 10ml£19.99  -  £69.99

Best tasting most premium CBD Cannabis oil.

Canabidol CBD Vape 10ml

Canabidol CBD Vape 10ml£24.99  -  £49.99

CBD Cannabis Vape Liquid from Canabidol

Carun Active CBD Hemp Oil 3% CBD+CBDA 300mg

Carun Active CBD Hemp Oil 3% CBD+CBDA 300mg£31.99

High quality active CBD Hemp Oil

Carun Active Hemp Body Oil 100ml

Carun Active Hemp Body Oil 100ml£13.99

Organic Cannabinoid rich repairing and moisturising organic body oil