Eye Logic

What makes Eye Logic stand out?


Eye Logic is incredibly passionate about eye health and their products are safe, easy to use and contain the most effective all-natural ingredients to combat the effects of dry eye syndrome. In fact their liposomal eye spray made waves here in the UK when introduced to the British public, because it was the first product of its kind.

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Eye Logic Eye Logic
Eye Logic Eye Logic
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Who is Eye Logic’s target audience?


Both Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray and Eye Logic Dry Eye Drops have been specifically formulated for those moments when dry eye rears its ugly head.


What are the symptoms of dry eye?


Dry eye makes itself known as a burning sensation or dryness of the eyes. Sometimes eyes may feel gritty, or are over-sensitive to bright lights.


How does Eye Logic work?


It is sprayed onto the outside of the eyelids, resulting in a soothing, cooling effect right across the eye. Some of Eye Logic penetrates around the eyelids and onto the tear film that coats the eye. The lipid (oily) component from Eye Logic spreads across the outer surface of the tear film, reinforcing the already present natural oil. The rate of evaporation of the tear film should then significantly reduce, allowing for it to provide proper lubrication to your eye. Dry eye symptoms should quickly diminish soon after.