Estimate in your currency

Estimate in your currency

The "estimate in your currency" facility is intended to give you an indiction of the cost of your goods in your own currency. Please note the following:

  • All goods are purchased in UK£
  • The estimate is based on the exchange rate between UK£ and you own currency
  • The exchange rates are calculated on the day of your purchase but exchange rates are constantly changing and as a result, the cost shown in your currency may be subject to fluctuations. This means that at 8.30 AM, for instance, they will not be the same at 9.30 AM or 1.30 PM. 
  • Your bank will calculate the rate when it converts your money from your currency to UK£ and this may differ slightly form the pure exchange rate

This is why the "estimate" facility can only be a guide. However, exchange rates do not vary greatly from hour to hour so the estimate will be close. For example, the € was worth £0.88 on 22/6/2018. A year later it was worth £0.89, a very small change

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