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Eskimo Oil

Eskimo Oil Omega Fish Oil products from Nutri Advanced. Market-leading advanced fish oil products with Omega 3, EPA and DHS. For adults and children.
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Eskimo 3 Extra (50 caps)

Eskimo 3 Extra (50 caps)£27.59

The most potent version of Eskimo 3 with a recommended dose of just 2 capsules

Eskimo Advanced EPA 50 Caps

Eskimo Advanced EPA 50 Caps£31.39

Eskimoĺ Advanced EPA is a high quality omega-3 fish oil providing high levels of EPA in a 6:1 ratio with DHA.

Eskimo Brainsharp

Eskimo Brainsharp£34.59

Nutri Eskimo Brainsharp - is an omega oil product that has been formulated to specifically address the needs of the brain.

Eskimo Bright Kids Orange Jelly Splats

Eskimo Bright Kids Orange Jelly Splats£14.59

Eskimo Bright Kids Jelly Splats is Nutri's exciting new omega-3 fish oil designed specifically for kids. Each jelly tab, or ‘splat’ tastes great, is easy to take and provides 250mg of DHA which supports healthy brain function.

Eskimo Little Cubs

Eskimo Little Cubs£13.19

Nutri Eskimo Kids Pure natural omega-3, omega-6 & omega-9 with vitamins D & E for children.

Eskimo-3 Stable Fish Oil

Eskimo-3 Stable Fish Oil£17.95

Nutri eskimo fish oil Eskimo-3 provides valuable doses of stable omega-3 fatty acids help to maintain a healthy circulation, supple joints and healthy skin


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items