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he Elderberry is popular with herbalists for health concerns during the winter season. All parts of the elder are rich in vitamins and minerals. Elderberry naturally contains anthocyanins; a potent flavonoid antioxidant to support tissue integrity and is rich in vitamin B and C to support a healthy energy level.

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BioCare Children's Elderberry Complex - 150

BioCare Children's Elderberry Complex - 150£8.95

BioCare Children's Elderberry Complex liquid containing elderberry concentrate with zinc & vitamin C for a healthy immune system for children.

BioCare ImmunoBerry (Elderberry with Zinc) 150ml

BioCare ImmunoBerry (Elderberry with Zinc) 150ml£13.65

An immune support formulation with delicious, highly concentrated Elderberry and Zinc for adults. Children's Elderberry Complex is also available.

High Nature Sambucol Immuno Forte - 120ml

High Nature Sambucol Immuno Forte - 120ml£9.20

For a healthy immune system, especially during the winter months.

Higher Nature Immune +

Higher Nature Immune +From:  £5.45

Higher Nature Immune + provides 1000mg Vitamin C with Blackcurrant, Black Elderberry & Bilberry, plus Zinc, to prevent oxidative damage to the body.

Higher Nature Sambucol - Size 120ml

Higher Nature Sambucol - Size 120ml£8.70

Keep Sambucol® in the cupboard all year round. This tasty elderberry antioxidant was developed by virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu.  Sweetened with glucose.

Higher Nature Sambucol Kids Formula

Higher Nature Sambucol Kids Formula£8.70

Higher Nature Sambucol Kids Formula size 120ml. This children’s antioxidant health supplement has 50% more antioxidant than cranberries. Glucose sweetened.

Lamberts Imuno-Strength - 500ml

Lamberts Imuno-Strength - 500ml£16.50

Lamberts Imuno-Strength Liquid - Elderberry, Rosehip and Blackcurrant Concentrates. Suitable for children from 5 years.

Sambucol Kids Formula - 120ml

Sambucol Kids Formula - 120ml£8.70

High level Immune protection of children

Sambucol Original - 120ml

Sambucol Original - 120ml£8.70

50% more Antioxidants capacity than cranberries

Solgar Elderberry Extract (60)

Solgar Elderberry Extract (60)£12.50

A potent flavonoid antioxidant to support tissue integrity.

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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items

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