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Who are DIRTEA?

DIRTEA is a brand of mushroom extract, coffee, and cacao products proven to promote health and wellbeing. DIRTEA's unique blend of ingredients can help you meet your daily goals with more energy, focus, a strengthened immune system, younger looking skin, improved sleep quality and a decrease in stress and anxiety. 

DIRTEA's carefully formulated extracts use the purest functional mushrooms grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides. The formulas are designed to provide all day energy without any jitters or crashes that is bound to make it easier to stay focused and productive. 


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DIRTEA Chaga Mushroom Powder 60g
DIRTEA Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 60g
DIRTEA Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 60g
DIRTEA Mushroom & Cacao Superblend 150g
DIRTEA Mushroom & Coffee Superblend 150g
DIRTEA Reishi Mushroom Powder 60g

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

Which DIRTEA product is right for me?

  • Lions Mane - For Focus & Digestion
  • Chaga - For Immunity & Skin
  • Reishi - For Calm & Sleep
  • Cordyceps - For Energy & Endurance
  • Coffee Super Blend - For Focus, Immunity & Energy
  • Cacao Super Blend - For Calm, Destress & Immunity

How did DIRTEA start out?

Simon and Andrew are two brothers who experienced severe burnout due to hectic, busy lifestyles. Frustrated by their lack of energy, poor sleep and increased stress levels, the brothers sought natural remedies to improve their lifestyles. After discovering the benefits of daily functional mushroom consumption, the brothers partnered with leading mushroom farmers around the world to create DIRTEA, a line of unique pure and potent mushroom teas and coffees. 

DIRTEA is tailored towards a healthy lifestyle that includes natural ingredients known for promoting physical and mental health benefits. All products contain only organic ingredients from trusted farmers which offer consumers pure mushroom powders full of natural vitamins and minerals along with other proteins for added health benefits. 

Do DIRTEA products contain caffeine?

No they don't. Proudly Caffeine Free, these extract powder supplements can be easily added to your favourite coffee drink for an extra boost of mushroom-based goodness and an entirely new level of flavour.