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BioCare B Complex 25 (30)

BioCare B Complex 25 (30)£5.70

B Complex 25 is a low potency supplement with associated nutrients - important in health, growth & development. Suitable from 5 years of age.

BioCare Bio-Enzyme

BioCare Bio-Enzyme£19.95  -  £20.21

A combination of active enzymes able to survive the acidic conditions in the stomach.

BioCare Bio-Magnesium 100mg 60

BioCare Bio-Magnesium 100mg 60£17.95   £13.46

Magnesium with fumaric acid - useful during periods of exercise, energy production, muscle reflexes & periods of rapid growth.

BioCare Biocidin

BioCare Biocidin£8.74  -  £11.65

BioCare Biocidin health supplement is used to help maintain the correct balance of intestinal microflora.

Biocare Children's Red Berry BioMelts - 28 Sachets

Biocare Children's Red Berry BioMelts - 28 Sachets£17.95   £13.46

Live bacteria with vitamin D. Flavoured for children

BioCare ColonGuard - 60

BioCare ColonGuard - 60£17.50   £13.13

BioCare ColonGuard supports the balance of gut microflora and the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract.

BioCare EAP Complex 90

BioCare EAP Complex 90£26.60   £19.95

EAP Complex (Magnesium EAP Complex) is a phospholipid complex providing ethanolamine phosphate buffered with magnesium.

BioCare EnteroGuard - 150

BioCare EnteroGuard - 150£42.65   £31.99

Provides intestinal nutrients to nourish the epithelial tissue lining the intestinal tract & help support intestinal membrane integrity. 

BioCare Iron Complex 90

BioCare Iron Complex 90£17.15   £12.86

BioCare Iron Complex. An iron health supplement with malic acid & vitaminc C & B2. Optimum iron absorption for people sensitive to iron supplements.

Biocare Maleforte Multi

Biocare Maleforte Multi£13.95

A high potency multivitamin & mineral complex health supplement formen. 

BioCare Mega EPA 1000mg

BioCare Mega EPA 1000mg£8.21  -  £27.95

BioCare Mega EPA is a high potency & high quality fish oil capsule health supplement from anchovies. Supports foetal development (no vitamin A or D).

BioCare MicroCell NutriGuard Plus

BioCare MicroCell NutriGuard Plus£12.30  -  £34.95

Provides Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium. Vitamins A, C, Zinc and Selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

BioCare Mycopryl 250 60

BioCare Mycopryl 250 60£18.95

To help maintain the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Includes Caprylic Acid.

BioCare Mycopryl 400 100

BioCare Mycopryl 400 100£26.95   £20.21

A fat soluble short chain fatty acid that helps maintain the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

BioCare Mycopryl 680 90

BioCare Mycopryl 680 90£30.95   £23.21

A short chain fatty acid found in human breast milk & coconuts that has been found to help maintain the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

BioCare Neuro Complex 60 Capsules

BioCare Neuro Complex 60 Capsules£28.95   £21.71

A unique, high potency combination to support nerve health and cognition.

BioCare Nutrisorb Liquid Vitamin E (25ml)

BioCare Nutrisorb Liquid Vitamin E (25ml)£26.95   £20.21

Nutrisorb Liquid E provides 100iu natural Vitamin E per day.

BioCare Oregano Complex 90

BioCare Oregano Complex 90£26.95   £20.21

BioCare Oregano Complex is an anti-fungal health supplement that is highly absorption & bio-availability.

BioCare Phytosterol Complex.

BioCare Phytosterol Complex.£14.35   £10.76

BioCare Phytosterol Complex health supplement is a combination of botanical extracts suitable for women during and after child bearing age.

BioCare Saw Palmetto Complex - 60

BioCare Saw Palmetto Complex - 60£23.95   £17.96

Supports healthy functioning of the prostate gland and urinary tract. 

BioCare Spirulina - 90 veg.caps

BioCare Spirulina - 90 veg.caps£19.95   £14.96

BioCare Spirulina (Formerly called Sea Plasma) - a highly nutritious food and an ideal adjunct during breastfeeding to support milk production.

BioCare SucroGuard

BioCare SucroGuard£8.55  -  £17.21

SucroGuard is a blend of key nutrients involved in managing glucose levels & ensuring the cells are provided with energy.

BioCare Vitamin B1 30

BioCare Vitamin B1 30£5.15   £3.86

BioCare Vitamin B1 Health Supplement (thiamine) is a water-soluble B vitamin required by the nervous & digestive systems, muscles & the heart. 

BioCare Vitamin B5 Size 60

BioCare Vitamin B5 Size 60£13.40   £10.05

BioCare Vitamin B5 (Formerly Magnesium Plus Pantothenate) is a combination of Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) & Magnesium for energy & neurotransmitter production

BioCare Zinc Ascorbate - 60

BioCare Zinc Ascorbate - 60£13.60   £10.20

BioCare Zinc Ascorbate combines zinc & vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Highly bioavailable and involved in skin, hormonal, immune & reproductive health


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items
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