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Cinnamon is analgesic, carminative, antiseptic, and antibacterial. It is used to treat chronic diarrhea, cramps, heart and abdominal pains. Cinnamon  is also used to treat coughing, wheezing, and lower back pains. It is especially useful for stomach problems; colic, flatulence, indigestion, dysentery, and spasms. Cinnamon Bark can be used as a tincture every fifteen minutes to stop uterine bleeding.

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Good Health Naturally Cinnamon 27 (243)

Good Health Naturally Cinnamon 27 (243)£33.95

Lamberts Cinnamon 2500mg - 60

Lamberts Cinnamon 2500mg - 60£11.95

Rio Amazon Cinnamon 10:1 Extract

Rio Amazon Cinnamon 10:1 Extract£11.39  -  £20.39

15% OFF
Solgar Cinnamon Vegetable Capsules (100)

Solgar Cinnamon Vegetable Capsules (100)£14.99   £12.74

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