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Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil has become the latest supplement to be touted by A-list celebrities as their ‘go-to’ supplement for 2018, but what exactly is it and what are the reported health benefits?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 80 phytocannabinoids, or chemical compounds, produced by the cannabis plant . The oil is typically extracted from hemp, which is the industrial, fibrous form of cannabis and has been bred to remove THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the chemical compound that’s responsible for making people high. The extracted cannabidiol is then usually diluted with another type of oil, like MCT (coconut) oil. It can typically be taken orally through liquid drops, capsules or rubbed onto the skin.

There have been numerous studies into the benefits of CBD Oil, showing that its anti-inflammatory effects can help with muscle and joint pain, even having the potential to relieve the chronic pain and muscle spasms associated with conditions such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis. It can also help to reduce anxiety, promote sleep and create a general feeling of wellbeing.

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Canabidol CBD Oil Dropper 10ml

Canabidol CBD Oil Dropper 10mlFrom:  £19.99

Best tasting most premium CBD Cannabis oil.

Canabidol CBD Vape 10ml

Canabidol CBD Vape 10mlFrom:  £24.99

CBD Cannabis Vape Liquid from Canabidol

CannabiGold CBD Oil Classic (10G)

CannabiGold CBD Oil Classic (10G)£29.89

Top-quality hemp extract rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Elixinol CBD Cinnamint (30ml)

Elixinol CBD Cinnamint (30ml)From:  £19.99

The Respira CBD Oil contains our newest and most advanced formula for a CBD supplement

Elixinol CBD Natural Hemp Oil (30ml)

Elixinol CBD Natural Hemp Oil (30ml)From:  £19.99

Delivers cannabinoids into the Body faster, deeper and easier than ever before

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes 300mg 30ml

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes 300mg 30ml£59.99

Hemp Oil Liposomes are the best way to ensure that your body can absorb the cannabinoids in our hemp oil.

Higher Nature CBD Oil

Higher Nature CBD OilFrom:  £35.00

Superior naturally sourced CBD Oil

Kiki CBD Oil 10% 10ml

Kiki CBD Oil 10% 10ml£69.99

The best Entourage Effect between Cannabinoids & Terpenes.

Kiki Health 2500mg Gold Edition CBD Oil 25% 10ml

Kiki Health 2500mg Gold Edition CBD Oil 25% 10ml£174.99

Premium high dosage CBD Oil contains the full plant product with all its optimum effects.

Kiki Health 500mg CBD Oil 5% 10ml

Kiki Health 500mg CBD Oil 5% 10ml£39.99

KIKI Health's CBD Oil is a highly concentrated formula which contains 5% pure CBD.

Kiki Health Aqua+ Curcumin 400mg CBD Oil 10ml

Kiki Health Aqua+ Curcumin 400mg CBD Oil 10ml£49.99

CBD Water Soluable is a new, innovative and drinkable alternative to CBD oil.

Love CBD Balm

Love CBD BalmFrom:  £13.99

CBD-rich skin balm to soothe muscle pain

Love CBD Dutch Oil (20ml)

Love CBD Dutch Oil (20ml)From:  £19.99

Hollandís finest quality legal cannabis oil.

Love CBD Entourage capsules (60)

Love CBD Entourage capsules (60)£34.99

10mg of CBD/CBDA, with a total of 600mg of CBD/CBDA per pot
Love CBD Entourage Oil (20ml)

Love CBD Entourage Oil (20ml)From:  £48.99

Unique cocktail of legal cannabis strains

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