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Bones & Joints

Osteoarthritis and other joint' muscle and bone issues are common and surgical procedures highly successful these days. However, health supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM can be of great benefit. There are a variety of supplements available and all have been chosen not just for the purpose they are designed but also for the quality of raw ingredients and manufacturing process, which are so important for maximum effectiveness.

How Serrapeptase can help arthritis  See Blog Articles concerning bone health issues

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A.Vogel Atrosan Devil's Claw Tablets

A.Vogel Atrosan Devil's Claw TabletsFrom:  £12.09

A. Vogel (Bioforce) Atrosan Devil's Claw. A health supplement for arthritis,sciatica, gout, bursitis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, lupus, hayfever, muscular pain.

BioCare BioMulsion JointGuard - 300ml

BioCare BioMulsion JointGuard - 300ml£32.60

BioCare Biomulsiion JointGuard. An emulsified pure fish oil supplement from south pacific anchovies with glucosamine hydrochloride plus vitamin E to aid joints.

BioCare calcium Citrate

BioCare calcium Citrate£16.80

Calcium Citrate is a highly bio-available calcium which is needed for healthy bones and teeth, normal blood clotting and function of muscles. Dairy free.

BioCare EAP Complex 90

BioCare EAP Complex 90£27.15

EAP Complex (Magnesium EAP Complex) is a phospholipid complex providing ethanolamine phosphate buffered with magnesium.

BioCare Glucosamine Hydrochloride 60

BioCare Glucosamine Hydrochloride 60£21.35

BioCare Glucosamine helps fluidity in the joints, connective tissue, ligaments & tendons. 800mg of glucosamine hydrochloride per capsule plus vitamin C & magnesium.

BioCare Glucosamine MSM Complex

BioCare Glucosamine MSM Complex£21.35

Glucosamine MSM Complex combines glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin in a potent and convenient tablet form

BioCare Mag 2:1 Cal 90

BioCare Mag 2:1 Cal 90£17.30

BioCare Mag 2:1 Cal is bonded to succinic acid to aid cardiovascular, nerve, muscle and skeletal structure and blood health.

BioCare Magnesium Citrate - 90

BioCare Magnesium Citrate - 90£16.80

Magnesium helps normal muscle function and maintenance of normal bones and teeth and contributes to normal energy metabolism.

BioCare magnesium Powder - 90g

BioCare magnesium Powder - 90g£14.75

Magnesium citrate and magnesium malate, for everyday use. Pleasant tasting, easily absorbed powder.

BioCare Mineral Complex

BioCare Mineral ComplexFrom:  £10.50

Eight minerals to support bone health, energy production, red blood cell formation, immunity & metabolism.

Floradix Saludynam Liquid (250ml)

Floradix Saludynam Liquid (250ml)£11.50

Liquid Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D Formula

Good Health Naturally CurcuminX4000 (180)

Good Health Naturally CurcuminX4000 (180)£39.95

Good Health Naturally - Superior Absorption natural anti-inflammatory curcumin

Good Health Naturally Vitamin D3 (5000iu) - 100

Good Health Naturally Vitamin D3 (5000iu) - 100£20.38

Good Health Naturally Vitamin D3 (5000iu) - natural cholecalciferol vitamin D, with Coral Calcium

Higher Nature Bromelain

Higher Nature BromelainFrom:  £7.80

This powerful protein digestive enzyme, from Pineapple, breaks down protein and helps maintain healthy cardiovascular & immune systems.

Higher Nature MSM

Higher Nature MSM£9.25

Higher Nature MSM Crystals helps maintain healthy, flexible joints & is important for normal bone, cartilage & connective tissue formation. Also available in tablets.

Higher Nature MSM Glucosamine Joint Complex

Higher Nature MSM Glucosamine Joint ComplexFrom:  £11.60

Higher Nature MSM Glucosamine Joint Complex, Vitamin C & other nutrients to help maintain flexible muscles & joints.

Higher Nature MSM Joint & Muscle Warming Balm - 100ml

Higher Nature MSM Joint & Muscle Warming Balm - 100ml£14.55

Higher Nature MSM Joint & Muscle Warming Balm, vitamins & herbs formulated to help ease tired, stiff muscles & joints.

Higher Nature Pantothenic Acid 500mg - Size 60

Higher Nature Pantothenic Acid 500mg - Size 60£9.60

Higher Nature Pantothenic acid healthy supplement, or Vitamin B5, is important for releasing energy from food & supporting the health of the bones, skin, hair & nails. 

Higher Nature Sea Calcium

Higher Nature Sea Calcium£10.70

Higher Nature Sea Calcium provides a naturally calcium-rich sea plant with over 30% natural Calcium, Magnesium & a spectrum of trace minerals.

Higher Nature Super OsteoFood

Higher Nature Super OsteoFood£11.50

Higher Nature Super OsteoFood (size 90) - a full spectrum of nutrients for bone strength.

Higher Nature True Food Calcium & Magnesium

Higher Nature True Food Calcium & MagnesiumFrom:  £12.95

Higher Nature True Food Calcium & Magnesium provides equal amounts of Calcium & Magnesium, from highly bio-available True Food® ingredients.

Higher Nature True Food Magnesium

Higher Nature True Food MagnesiumFrom:  £6.85

Higher Nature True Food Magnesium helps relaxed muscle function & a healthy nervous system, helping you to wind down at night. Also for strong bones & teeth.

Higher Nature Vegetarian Glucosamine Hydrochloride

Higher Nature Vegetarian Glucosamine HydrochlorideFrom:  £7.05

Higher Nature Vegetarian 83% pure Glucosamine Hydrochloride has more Glucosamine per gram than Glucosamine sulphate. Helps maintain joint & cartilage function.

Higher Nature Vitality (155g)

Higher Nature Vitality (155g)£9.95

For healthy joints and muscles
A complete formula to keep your cats and dogs flexible and active.

Higher Nature Vitamin D3

Higher Nature Vitamin D3From:  £3.40

Higher Nature Vitamin D3 is the most bio-available form of Vitamin D.

Higher Nature Vitamin K2

Higher Nature Vitamin K2From:  £11.60

Higher Nature Vitamin K2 - Healthy blood vessels, heart & bones

Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion _ 250g

Kiki Health Alkaline Infusion _ 250g£26.99

Beneficial effects for the health, function and appearance of the skin, teeth and bones.

Kiki Health MSM Powder

Kiki Health MSM PowderFrom:  £9.99

MSM is often used as a purification step.

Lamberts Bromelain1000GDU - 60

Lamberts Bromelain1000GDU - 60£15.95

Aids digestion of fatty or high-protein meals.and inhibits inflammation and pain.

Lamberts Calasorb - Calcium 800mg

Lamberts Calasorb - Calcium 800mgFrom:  £7.95

Calcium in superior absorption from.

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