​Why Supplement Quality Matters

2 September 2015  |  Editor

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Why take supplements?

The idea of supplements is to support your body with important complex nutrients that are either missing from your foods or that you’re not getting in adequate amounts. Beyond the need for ingredient purity, potency and authenticity, the most fundamental requirement is that your body can recognize, absorb and actually use whatever you buy. But this is not always possible unless the manufacturer takes steps to overcome multiple challenges.

Your body must be able to digest and absorb supplements

When you take a nutritional supplement, your body typically works at digesting and absorbing it for up to four hours. Some of the nutritional value is unavoidably lost during this time. However, numerous other factors can also affect bioavailability.

What is biovailability

Bioavailability is defined as the portion of a given nutrient that’s absorbed and used by the body. Key factors that affect bioavailability include age, gender, physical condition, dietary habits and medications but significantly, also the character of the formula itself.

Different nutrients have different levels of bioavailability. Plus:

  • What else is in the formula,
  • how its ingredients react with one another,
  • what their particle sizes are,
  • what their relative potencies are,
  • how the formula is delivered, and of course
  • their quality and purity

… it all matters. A lot.

Don't waste your money on cheap supplements

Uninformed consumers who choose store brand supplements by the lowest price are likely wasting their money. Even if cheap supplements contained ingredients of genuine quality, they typically include harsh fillers and binders. These substances prevent the body from breaking down nutrients. When this happens, the nutrients simply pass to the small intestine and are excreted without ever being absorbed.

Quality supplements produce highly absorbable nutrients that the "cheapies" do not

By contrast, the quality manufacturer’s goal is to produce highly absorbable nutrients that the body has the best chance of utilizing for optimum support. They want the body to do the least amount of work and receive the maximum benefits with the highest degree of safety.

Even though, for example in the USA, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate the nutritional supplement industry, top manufacturers of high end professional strength supplements go to great lengths to ensure their products are of solid integrity and superior quality. Their supplements are based on:

  • objective scientific research,
  • clinical evidence and collaboration with healthcare experts.
  • They use only premium raw materials and require their suppliers to pass rigorous testing and stringent quality controls.
  • They adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.
  • Such companies are leaders in research, development and innovation.

And so, choosing high quality supplements gives you the greatest assurance that you’re putting the safest and best ingredients into your body as a first line of defence against invaders.

The most sensible way to choose supplements To to ensure that you only buy supplements from a supplier who only sells high quality brand such as those found on this site or brands selected by a professional nutritionist for your specific needs after a consultation.